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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elegant natural shimmery look for Dr. Syuhada's engagement

I knew Siti Syuhada Yusof@Syud since high school and we've been friends for almost 11 years now.It's quite hard for me to believe that she is already engaged to our dear friend Nazrul@Joe (the two lovebirds fell in love when they were medical students in Volgograd, Russia) and she still can't believe that i am has been a sweet 6-year relationship and i am glad that they finally decided to move on the next level. Both of them are doctors now and i can't express of how proud i am of them. I'll be joining them in about 1 year3 months, insyallah..

Syud called and asked for my help to do her makeup for her E-day. I asked Farah to help me with the eyeshadow because she's really good in choosing the right colours. We had so much fun (although we argued about which brush to use etc.. LOL) but the ceremony went on smoothly and my best friend is now ENGAGED! YAY! congrats to my other best friend and Muslimah model, Siti Saeidah Zaki (Idah) for her engagement last month. <3

Let's enjoy the pictures..


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plus Size Kitten's Shu Uemura Plain Jane Contest!

OMG! Today is the last day of Miu's Shu Uemura Plain Jane Contest! T_T i got so caught up with my studies and life, i almost forgot that the contest valids until end of November! I hope i'm not too late...

Miu is a Malaysian blogger, a very cute and funny person i have to tell you. I became one of her hundreds followers ever since i started blogging. Her blog is beyond AWESOME! She tells you about SALES! ; when and where the sales will be held, makeup reviews, the products she purchased (she has a lot and i envy her!), freaking awesome giveaways and so much more!!!

About Plus Size Kitten :

My Photo   
"Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Beauty Blogger, Personal Shopper, Shopaholic. I love all things pretty and things that make you pretty! It's life of a plus size kitten prowling around Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and some say Batam (no lah!)"
and her link is :
I want to enter this contest because.......jeng jeng jengggg..

Miu said :

"The prizes is worth over rm100 consisting of this pouch, miniatures of the cleansing oil (in 4 variants) and a mystery Shu Uemura 3pc gift. It won't be easy this time since there's a limited edition designer pouch involved! I want to see those crazy Shu Uemura Fanatics out there to show me why they love shu uemura in PHOTO! yes let your imagination go wild. The best photo & caption wins! email your photos to Contest runs until end of this month. Simple?"

OMG today is the 30th~~ *fingers crossed*

Here is the link to my FAVOURITE Shu Uemura product...(click here) , that i posted a few months ago..

And here is my photo entry...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Plastic Surgery? Liposuction? Weight Issue? How did i lose weight?And a tribute to Mama..

Hello Darlings..

Ok, to start off with, this post is gonna be really personal because i'll share some of my personal, embarrasing experiences as well as some difficult ones with all of you my dear readers. I am sure most of you who didn't know me back then, wouldn't know what i've gone through..

Well, growing up was not that fun for me (because i was overweight, fugly and had really bad breakouts), i always wished that i could do something about my appearance... People would look at me and say "You and your sis do not look like you are sisters.."..and i know what they meant was " Hey why your sis is soo HOT,and you're NOT?"

I did not have even a tiny bit of sense of style back then (not that i do now), where big T-shirts and jeans were my best friends.. High heels?? had my 1st pair when i was about 15 or 17, and it was a very cikai one.. LOL..

You won't believe me if i told you that my weight was about 75-80 kgs, 6-7 years ago...O.O
For most of you who are wondering how tall i am, the last time i measured, i was 165cm..Yes i was still on the heavy side, even with that height..

Ok don't ask for old pictures because i used to HATE cameras!! can u believe a camwhore like me can say something like that?! some of you will think i have Bipolar disorder or what not..LOL.. I didn't just hate cameras, i hated my body, my big fat arms, thighs, and everything about me.. and mirrors too..

And now, looking back, i think it is really unhealthy to hate yourself so much.. How can you look good, if you don't think you are beautiful? Your face will be all grumpy and your self-confidence will also be affected, and it will show by the way you talk, or even by the way you bring yourself among the crowd. If you feel that you are a bit lacking in a certain area, try to sit back, relax and really look deep down inside of you, and search for other good qualities or capabilities that you have but you are not aware of.

What made me feel better about myself was, even when i feel like i am the fugliest creature on the planet, there were some men LOL SOME ok ( i always thought they were half-blind or maybe just like Jack Black in SHALLOW HAL), loved me despite my looks.. okay maybe "cinta monyet". But they told me i was SPECIAL  **stardusts falling** ( i hope they meant what they said)..hahaha ( macam cerita Forest Gump "My momma told me i am special" eh betul ka line ni?) ok it doesn't matter..

What matters most is..You have to love yourself before you want anybody else to love you...

Okay so...back to my weight issue..i was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst when i was studying in Russia. My late mama was so worried about me, she got me transferred back to Malaysia. I'm glad i returned home, coz if didn't, i won't be able to spend the precious time left with her (she was diagnosed to have Lung Cancer at the age of 45, end of 2007 and passed away on September 2008.. Al-Fatihah) and that would be my biggest regret in life! I came back after my 1st year final exam in Russia (Volgograd State Medical University), and that was back in 2005..

That's when i figured out that my weight issue was mainly related to my hormone. After i got the cyst removed, my weight started to drop slowly (with the help of healthy diet&lifestyle). In 2006, i got the same symptoms and found out i had a 2nd cyst, on my other ovary.. that removed too and my weight started to go down the hill quite drastically..

And that was the story behind my weight loss programme.. hihihi... of course, i started to watch out my diet, i only drink plain water and green tea, i stopped eating fast foods, and started to count my calorie intake. No more canned drinks, less rice and other forms of carbs, lots and lots of fruits and vegetables..

And because i love all of you readers and followers so much, i decided to put some of my "NEVER EVER REALEASED" old photos *cough*... Heyyy!! even my Hubby didn't get to see these... You guys better LOVE me back! LOL.. Of course there won't be full photos of me when i was fairly BIG because i don't like people snapping and taking pictures of my full figure.. but the upper 1/3rd of my body can tell you that already right?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Golden Smokey Arabian Look featuring my BFF, Saeidah

Today i made some dinner for Hubby, Farra, my BFF and her BF..
I cooked Pasta with Mushroom Cream Sauce, apple crumble for dessert, and my BFF made my all time favourite fruit and jelly cocktail!

So while we were waiting for the rest to get home, me and my BFF played with some makeup... just to kill the time before i put in some shrimps into my cream sauce...i want my shrimps to be "sweet and tender" ..hehehe..

She requested for an Arabic look that's great for dinners or night functions, because as you all might know, smokey look and dark colours are not that appropriate for daytime wear...

Au naturel~
and After the makeover...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forest Nymph-Inspired Look featuring Farra

I have been thinking long and hard about a new look to share with y'all lately and after some time, I decided that I would like to use a colour that people usually shy away from. Yes, in the spirit of mother earth and all things with chlorophyll, I am celebrating the nature by using GREEN and YELLOW in my entry. Semangat negeri Kedah la pulak yee... Wait! Don't be scared.. Let me share with you why I chose this colour.

Green is believed to have some relaxing effect on the eye as it reminds us of all things natural and earthy, like the endless green hills or a field of grassy meadows. Green is actually the color of peace and so I decided that I want to share with my beloved followers how to do a makeup look with an adventurous colour like green. If done correctly, this look is beautiful and may look high-fashion and editorial too. The secret is in the mixing of colours and choosing the right shade of tone.

Before nature manifests...

To see the After photos, please click the "read more" button...

Monday, October 18, 2010

~Makeover for Jasmine~

Jasmine is my childhood friend and i can't remember exactly how long have we known each other. We were in the same primary school (SRK St. Nicholas Convent Alor Star) and believe it or not, we have 105 friends in common on Facebook!

She contacted me last week and was asking me if i can do a makeover for her because it's her friend's wedding on Saturday and she was going to be the maid of honor, plus she doesn't have enough makeup and experience to put the makeup on herself. And of course she wants to look her best because a bridesmaid will be in the limelight as well, together with the bride and groom.

She requested for a natural makeup, nothing too fancy.

Lets check out the before and after photos...


To see the After photo, please click the "read more" button...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Facial worth RM229!

I saw an advertisement just above my blog banner today, so i clicked to find out. Skin 11 is offering free facial worth RM229 for free!! All you have to do is go to (click here) and fill the form! This offer is limited to 100 pax only!!

After filling the form, all you have to do is check your email and jot down on paper @ save the reference code on your mobile, and wait for their consultant to give you a buzz to set a date for your appointment! It's that SIMPLE!!

This is the copy of the email i got after signing up.

Free Skin11 Customized Treatment Application Submitted Successfully.
Skin 11

Dear Shazreeyana Shukri,
Thank you for your interest in Skin11
Your reference code is USJ141010-*****. (disclosed)
Our Consultant will call to schedule an appointment for the FREE Skin11 Customized Treatment within 3 working days.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Best Regards,

Terms & Conditions:
* Malaysian residing in Malaysia now.
* Must be above 21 years old.
* New customer only
* Appointment on weekdays only.

I am waiting eagerly for their call and looking forward to visiting their outlet in Taipan USJ! I hope this is not just some kind of a "tricky marketing technique" that almost all beauty salons are doing to lure costumers to actually buy their product by force in the end! *crossing fingers*..

Will update on the facial soon!
Much love,

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

~Femme Fatale Look - Featuring My Model, Farra~

Hi everyone!

My sister, Farra requested for Cheryl Cole, Parachute cover look and i came up with this inspired look. The alluring red lips reminds me of Dita Von Teese's signature red lips. A vintage, classy red lip look that is always timeless and elegant, paired with a really black, exaggerated winged, thick liner and soft natural eyeshadow colors.

This is my 1st time working with red lips, but there are a few tips that i can share on how to achieve a great red lips..

1) Conceal the natural line of your lips with a good concealer (to erase and create a more crisp lip line).
2) Apply some powder on top of your concealer to make the color lasts longer.
3) LINE you lips with a red lipliner to avoid "bleeding" . It makes your lips look well defined.
4) For a matte lipstick, you can always layer it with powder first, followed by lipliner, then lipstick, then dab your lips with a tissue paper and then apply the lipstick again to make the color lasts longer.
5) You can always add on a red lipgloss for a  more glossy effect..

To me, the best way to go for a red lip look is with Chanel red lipsticks...

Timeless beauty..

To see the the products i use, please click the "read more" button...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~A ♥ ♥ ♥ Package From A Special Friend ~

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY today, yesterday and last TWO days!

I can't wait for the weekend to get my hands on hubby's DSLR, so i had to use my nostalgic and antique digital camera (a gift from my late mom) that i love and still have till today.
Sorry for the "not so sharp" pics. And the reason why i couldn't wait till Friday comes is because this love package has made me the happiest girl on earth!

My decision to be a "small time blogger" was not a bad decision after all. The support i got from my loved ones was another factor that helped me to gain the strength and confidence to do this as well. I would like to thank my Hubby for his blessings, DSLR ^_^ and LOVE, my sis Farah and brother Shafeeq for being my model, for giving me endless support, ideas and helping me in making my blog looks like a blog (i'm IT blind if u wanna to know) haha, my best friend Idah for her ideas, criticism, and courage, my dear friends on FB and all over the world, and my dear blogger friends that I met during my 4months here in the blogging world!

I never thought that blogging would be so much fun. The most fun part to me is that bloggers can make really good friends here and it's really hard for me to find "true friends" in my own real world. The main factor is that since i am a final year Med student, i don't really go out and hang around with people a lot {except on weekends when i go to meet Hubby in KL and he brings me out to meet his friend (that are also my friends now) and  my girlfriends}. My friends that i have now are the friends i met in primary school, high school or matriculation. Yes i don't have MANY good friends since i like to have the QUALITY rather than QUANTITY.

Lemme introduce all of you to my dear gorgeous blogger friend, Ashley. I can't remember exactly how i reached her blog but i'm glad i did. Since then, i became her follower and a fan. She is the most funny person and you can tell that by reading her entries (they actually made me laugh so hard because she is such a genuine person). Her blog is a really fun one, and Ashley is really good in making her readers to feel so connected to her. Although you may not now her personally, but you can feel the good vibe from the great personality that she has.

As i was reading ALL of her entries, i came across one that was about NYX products. Ashley and her blogger friend made some orders from Cherry Culture and she bought extra NYX lipglosses and jumbo pencils and was willing to let go of some of her items because she had the same ones for herself (she told me that since the postage fee from the States costs about RM50-60, so every product is worth your money if you buy more). So i ordered 2 NYX lipglosses and 2 NYX jumbo pencils from Ashley, and got her parcel last 2 days.. You can read the story behind the scene by clicking HERE.

Let me warn you again that these pics were taken with my digital camera so the quality might not be that great..

One of the happiest moments of my life ^_^

To see the things that i got, please click the "read more" button...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

~ Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review ~

Hi Everyone!

Before i begin, i would like to let you all know that i have done my eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow and lips prior to my foundation and blush, just to compare how my PHOTOS would look with and without this foundation (since it is called PhotoReady).

I got mine at Guardian for RM52@54, i cant remember (due to ants ingestion i guess).T_T

Revlon claims that this foundation will give that perfect airbrush skin in any light, complete coverage, Oil free, and fragrance free.

Let's take a tour on these pictures before i start giving my say...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Makeup Remover Review- Removing Waterproof Mascara Has Never Been This Easy!~

I was always on the search for the best makeup remover and after the long and endless journey of searching and digging for the finest product, i finally found my savior! It has now become one of my FAVOURITE MAKEUP REMOVERS.

My sister and i were doing some shopping at the Empire Shopping Gallery and she persuaded me to enter the Shu Uemura shop (it's not a booth but a shop). She was telling me that her friend bought this product the other day and the S.A did a demo on her. I was intrigued (as usual).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

~Emerald & Peacock Green Dreamy Look - Eidulfitri Edition~

Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri everyone!

This tutorial is going to be about the look that i wore on Eid and i think that it should be really fun to finally play with some colours!

As most of you might know, I seldom use colours on my eyes since i am a fan of neutral colours, but this time around i want to look a little different because this Eid really means a lot to me. (me n hubby's 1st Eid celebration together!) <3
And i also have been getting a lot of requests to do a tutorial on how to do eye makeup (eyeshadow).

Let's get started!

Friday, September 03, 2010

~Skin care Products And Beauty Regime~

Hello everyone!

I am very excited today because as i have promised you guys, I'll share and write about my skin care products, basically everything i use to keep my skin healthy, glowy, smooth and fresh.
Sorry for the long overdue.

As we all know, it is extremely IMPORTANT to pick the best skin care products that suit your skin type and the ones that blend well with your skin without triggering any allergic reactions whatsoever.

Everyone struggles with skin care issues from time to time, and i do understand your feelings because i've experienced it firsthand. It could be a long, stressful journey that affects your teenage life and it gets worse when you actually lose your self-confidence.

Just remember, confidence is the key to living life happily and beautifully.. only with confidence, u will feel good about yourself and appreciate yourself even more, and it will make you look more beautiful. NOTHING or NOBODY should come in the way of you feeling BEAUTIFUL about yourself..


~Autumn Breeze, Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner~

I am a fan of simple eye makeup look especially during daytime.

Do you notice that girls in Japan and Korea always wear minimum eyeshadow colours on their lids? But they really like to enhance their small cute eyes by wearing big contact lenses and false eyelashes instead of having crazy colours on their eyes??? I always envy their beauty. Beautiful flawless skin, pink cheeks and simple makeup!

Yesterday, i decided to put on only 2 eyeshadow colours to look as simple as i can. The theme was autumn breeze.. Don't ask me why the heck i picked up that name!..

I don't have the reason why i call it autumn breeze and not Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty or Spring Breeze . Autumn breeze just sounds so... so me..i sound so intellectual right?hahaha..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~How To Achieve An Affordable, Natural, Daytime, Dewy Makeup Look~

Hi everyone!

Today's tutorial is going to be on dewy daytime look and the products i used for this makeup tutorial are very affordable and easy to find here in Malaysia. This tutorial is made specially for those who do not have loads of makeup, and want to start learning doing basic makeup. You can always skip the eyeshadow step if you don't have time to do it. Or u still can use one colour on your lids to make your face look more fresh with that little tint of colour.


You can totally wear this look to work, college, malls, or even on a date. This look is very natural without using too many colours on the eyes, simple to achieve without much hassle but yet very captivating and fresh...

Let's get started!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bagpipe of Love by Jimmyvox

For those who attended my wedding but didn't get to see this.. <3 <3 <3

Thanks Jimmy for the video!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HoLLaaa! I'm Back!!!!

hello darlings...
i am very sorry for being on HIATUS for quite some time.. i was too busy with my 4th year final exams, and alhamdulilah i've made it through..and now, final year has started and i'm totally not aware of it (buat2 x sedar)..yes, it is TRUE! i don't really feel like waking up at 6.45 am in the morning ( utk bermalasan and snooze alarm sebanyak 3-4 kali 5x maximum before mandi n siap2), to be in the OT (Operation Theater bukan Over Time tak de masa nak over time hihihi) at 8am..petang2 pulak ada seminar yang dibebel oleh specialists, pastu sekelas pulak ngn HO,MO..terasa bongok sikit la kan..tapi depa pon bukan tau semua benda pon..ekekeke..

So sebab i dah lama x update blog ni, i pon macam hilang kawalan nak pikir entry apa nak buat lepas ni..apa haaa? any ideas darlings?? should i do a make-up look for Eid? or should i do a review on products i am loving at the moment? skin care?? make-up?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hair care tips~ for a healthy, shiny, smooth, manageable & split end-free hair!

Hello everyone!

People always ask me how to get a healthy, shiny and smooth hair like mine. Today i am going to share the secrets of my hair care routine. We all want to have great hair; but unfortunately, shiny, healthy hair doesn't just happen without a little bit of effort.

The only thing you need to do is put in the short amount of time necessary to follow this simple daily hair care routine. This is how my natural hair looks like without any blow drying, straightening or curling. Try to avoid heat as much as u can, but if u can't avoid it, don't forget to protect your locks whenever u want to heat-style it.


These are my secrets to healthy, shiny, manageable and split end-free hair...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

~Weekend Escapade: Kuala Sepetang Vol2 + Look Of The Day~

Hari ini hari Sabtu.

Mula-mula, saya ingin memohon maaf kepada kawan-kawan yang membuat 'request' untuk demo cara-cara memakai bahan-bahan mekap. Tapi tak mengapalah, entri selepas ini saya berjanji akan buat ok? Sebab-sebab serta alasan belum sempat nak buat adalah seperti berikut:

1) Sebab hari ini bukan Jumaat. Kalau hari Jumaat lebih masa nak buat.

2) Perlu mentelaah sampai muntah hijau uweakkkk tak suka.

3) Obi ku <3 ku kat sini minggu lepas dan minggu ni. Dia dah umpan saya untuk....



 ~Nampaknya umpan ini sangat berkesan terhadap pemangsa yang selalu terperdaya dengan haiwan2 lazat~

Jadi, saya pon dengan sebulat suara setuju dengan rancangan beliau...

~ Inilah dia penculik yang memperdayakan saya. Nampaknya innocent~

 Setelah rela.......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~The Products I Use For My Everyday Makeup Look~

 Hi everyone!!

For those who have been asking on how i do my everyday makeup, these are the products that i use.

I might change the routine sometimes, depending on my mood, or if i want to achieve different looks ( by changing the eyeshadow colors, lipsticks or lip glosses, and even blushes).

Basically, these are the products that i use in terms of foundation, powder, eye primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blushes, highlight and lip color almost everyday.

After washing my face with my facial cleanser (will update on my skincare routine soon!), i apply my toner, followed by a good hydrating moisturizer (with SPF if its daytime). This is practically my everyday routine to prep my face and skin before i apply any makeup on.

You would want to protect your skin from makeup products that could clog your pores to avoid unwanted zits, black heads etc.

P/S: Sorry i had to use my camera phone. I'm just too lazy to charge my digital camera.. ( Plus it's 1.44am and i am still awake and so i decided to make an entry)


1) Foundation

This is the foundation that i am using AT THE MOMENT ( had the first jar in 2007, finished using the whole jar and loved it but because i was trying other brands to compare, so i stopped for a while and finally come back to using it again. YAY!).

~Clinique Derma White Foundation with SPF15 in 05 Neutral (G)~

My personal review A high coverage foundation, creamy in consistency, might be a little oily for very oily skin (FACT: I have combination skin). It gives u good hydration, coverage, and it also contains SPF in it (which is great!)  to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2) Concealer

~ MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 in NC35~

My personal review : Bought this little guy 3-4 years ago (can't remember) and didn't know how to use it at first because it always looked "cakey" just because i didn't know the right way to apply it. Did some " trial and error" and finally could appreciate the use of this little guy. (FACT : use it on blemishes only, not for under-eye concealer).


~ MAC Studio Fix in NC 35 , MAC 182 Kabuki Brush~

My personal review : This is the BEST compact powder or setting powder so far. It mattifies your skin, gives u a great setting power (so that your foundation won't melt and make u look like an old granny or some ghosts on TV3 spooky Malay dramas  T_T ).

I apply it with a KABUKI brush ( the secret to FLAWLESS, GREAT looking skin), so that the application and blending is easier, even and light (compared to sponge that tends to make your powder looks like you are going to perform in some Opera-not Oprah show!).

Having a Kabuki brush is a great investment ( the only MAC brush i have), because it simply gives you that FLAWLESS finish that you always wished for. <3


 ~ MAC Paint Pot in INDIANWOOD~

My personal review : I use this as a primer to prevent my eyeshadow from creasing. Our eyelids tend to get oily after some time and this will cause your eyeshadow colors to fade or even smudge!. This Paint Pot acts as a barrier between your eyelid and eyeshadow, giving you a great canvas for your beautiful eyeshadow colors and even enhances the colors as well. You can get this paint pot in several different colors.

(FACT : since i am a lazy bum, i use this as my primer + eyeshadow color). No time no time busy bee


~ Any eyeshadow color that is a few shades lighter than your hair color (for dark hair)~

FACT: I just fill my eyebrows using a dark brown eyeshadow and then fix it with clear gel. I use an angle brush for this.


~ Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black 01~

My personal review : I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (ok too much love) this eyeliner not just because it is affordable. It STAYS on your eyelids ALL DAY! You don't have to worry about Panda Eyes no more bebeh! U can cry all you want without having black teardrops ( like in Malay tragic movies@dramas). Just apply it with any synthetic brushes with tapered ends, or maybe an angle brush, depending on your preference.

This is how i usually wear my eyeliner most of the time. I like it a bit winged out, thinner on the inner corner and slightly thicker on the outer corner. It just gives you that doe-eyed look..

~ My everyday "go-to" look~


~ Maybelline the MAGNUM Volum' express~

My personal review : A great volumising mascara so far. I curl my lashes before applying mascara. It makes a HUGE difference!


~ MAC Vanilla Pigment~

My personal review : I use this highlight on my brow bones, on the highest points of my cheekbones, inner corner of my eyes (can make your eyes look brighter), a bit on the bridge of my nose and on my cupid's bow ( GooGle please?).. It gives your face the luminous healthy glow and doll-like effect! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!


~ Sugarbomb by Benefit~

My personal review : Gives you that sheer, cute pink blush color! And it has a GREAT SMELL too!


~ Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry with Bees Wax, Dior Rouge Lipstick in Precious Beige 297~

My personal review : The Lip balm is very conditioning and gives you a sheer tint of color. Sometimes, i will use lipsticks to create different looks. This is my favorite natural to nude lip color. Very moisturizing and creamy upon application.

This is pretty much what i use everyday. For eyeshadow application, please wait for my future entry (it's 3.47am and i am sleepy *_* )

~ Yana~


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~My Everyday Makeup Routine~

I'll show you how i do my makeup on daily basis in my next post..

<3 <3 <3



Hi everyone!!

I'm super duper excited today 'coz this is my first entry. My name is Shazreeyana Shukri. Friends call me Yana, my dad calls me Debab ( ya saya tu dulu..skarang chubby lagi tapi kurang la sikit 20kg O: ), my lil sister n brother call me Kak ein @ Kakak, my cousins call me Shena (cewah glamour: only by Myra n Kak Miena), sometimes my dad calls me Shazreen, my Obi and Burgs ( rakan2 burung) call me ayang..

I prefer people calling me "Yana" 'coz its short, simple and easy to remember (mmg la mcm traditional sikit tapi senang kan.cuba panggil Shazreeyana..mau jadi Shaliyana,Syaziryana, Sazliyana, Sazali?)..bagi yg lidah pendek and slalu tergeliat tu, baik panggil i " Yana" ja..

I am a 25 year-old full-time medical student ( tak percaya tak mengapa).. I was born in Kedah and currently i'm studying in Ipoh.

Let me tell u the reasons why i decided to make this blog.. people have been asking me to share my knowledge in these things :

1) Beauty, make-up tips , skin care etc.. ( not that i'm an expert)
2) Life ( believe it or not, i have NO life. or a little maybe..hihihi)
3) Love life?? - ada yg cerita masalah macam saya ni terer je..tapi saya sudi mendengar dan memberi sedikit sebanyak pendapat..kalau tak menjadi harap dimaafkan..
4) Recipes - masak cuma setahun 5 kali..tapi saya tau masak cuma tak cukup time (alasan medical student)
5) Macam-macam...

But i'm gonna focus more on HEALTH, BEAUTY, MAKE-UP TIPS and PRODUCTS, and SKIN CARE. These are the things that i LOVE <3>

This is my sister, Farah. Isn't she lovely?
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