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Monday, October 18, 2010

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~Makeover for Jasmine~

Jasmine is my childhood friend and i can't remember exactly how long have we known each other. We were in the same primary school (SRK St. Nicholas Convent Alor Star) and believe it or not, we have 105 friends in common on Facebook!

She contacted me last week and was asking me if i can do a makeover for her because it's her friend's wedding on Saturday and she was going to be the maid of honor, plus she doesn't have enough makeup and experience to put the makeup on herself. And of course she wants to look her best because a bridesmaid will be in the limelight as well, together with the bride and groom.

She requested for a natural makeup, nothing too fancy.

Lets check out the before and after photos...


To see the After photo, please click the "read more" button...

Jasmine has such beautiful features, with great face shape and jaw line. I think she looks like Ziela Jalil..ahahah!

She has a really great smile!

Her skin is so flawless and that made it really easy for me! Look at how radiant she looks in the after photo.

Her lips definitely look fuller, brows were groomed and look neat, eyes look brighter and more "awake" with some of vanilla pigment on her tear duct area and flirty looking false lashes. I always cut my falsies into two and place it on the outer half of the lid. This helps to make your lashes look sultry without making you look like you are wearing falsies..

My sister helped me with the hair. We wanted to make some loose curls on her by using a hair straightener but unfortunately, we forgot to bring our international plug for my sis hair straightener was bought in the U.S, so we had to skip this step...but Thanks a bunch adik for helping me out! Time was running out and Jasmine had to leave so we decided to make some loose braids instead..

We wanted to make her look like a goddess because the dress she wore that day was flowy and had some sparkly embellishments on the neck line. My sis made loose fishtail braids on both sides of her hair and made her hair look stylishly messy..hihihi

Natural light..

Isn't she adorable?

Messy looking mak andam 'coz she had to wake up at 645am..LOL!

Min and my sis, Farah. Thanks adik for always being there for me.. LOVE YA!

Thanks Min!

P/S: Min, kalau nak ajak aku shopping, call la na..yang tu aku suka sangat2!hihihi


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