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Friday, October 14, 2011

A surprise parcel from Ashley and latest update

Hello everyone!

I received a surprise parcel from my dear blogger friend, Ashley last raya. Ain't she the sweetest?

Wrapped in a cute packaging

She sent me a Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask that i love, a cute biscuit and chocolate mobile phone accessory, NYX ultra pearl mania pigment in a gorgeous purple shade and a sample of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I really love LM products and i'm planning to get their tinted moisturizer soon!

Thank you Ashley for sending me gifts. You know you shouldn't have troubled yourself.. They definitely made my Raya more meaningful :) Love ya!

And for my latest update..

I would like to announce to all of u my dear friends that i am now 4 months pregnant! :) Alhamdulillah pregnancy had been so fun thus far (minus the evening sickness, giddiness, nausea, vomiting and lethargy). hihihi..and I am definitely loving that extra attention that i get from Hubby. Hihihi..

We are yet to know the gender of our little cupcake in the oven. I will announce it as soon as i found out.

Our little cupcake @ 8 weeks

Our little bundle of joy @ 12w 6d

Our little bundle of joy @16w1d..the baby was kicking,punching,dancing and making facial expressions(while drinking&spitting out amniotic fluids LOL) while looking right at us..we think that the baby looks like daddy,but it's too soon to tell..I had happy tears looking at our healthy and active baby.alhamdulillah.

Lots of love,
Shazreeyana Shukri

Siti Nordiana's Show Makeup for RTM's Raya Show

Siti Nordiana @ Nana contacted me to do her makeup for RTM's Raya Show a few weeks ago..

I was so surprised and honoured to be given the opportunity to provide our service for a celebrity like Nana.

Nana is a very friendly and pleasant person. She's a great host too! I really enjoyed doing her makeup.

I figured that a golden smokey eye would suit her because her dress was a black and gold dress.

Gold and black smokey eye look to match her gold and black dress

Thank you Nana for trusting me. I truly appreciate your support!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all of my clients and readers. Maaf zahir batin...
My Bahiya is from Addara. You can visit their FB page at
Shazreeyana Shukri

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Izati & sister flower girls makeup

Thanks Izati and kakak for trusting me to do your makeup.

These 2 lovely sisters were the flower girls for their cousin's wedding. So they requested for a simple makeup (tak kalah pengantin)LOL..

I also curled kakak's long, shiny hair..

I also did really simple makeup on about 10 of their family members including aunts, cousins and nieces. That was a little crazy, but i had FUN! :)

The 2 hot siblings


Elliyin's Somelnization Ceremony

Elliyin tied the knot to the love of her life earlier this month. I guess they are probably still in Italy enjoying their romantic European honeymoon.She mentioned to me that they are going to have ride on the Gondola..awwww~

Well i hope they'll have a great life ahead because they are made for each other...

Elliyin is an adventurous young lady who likes hiking. That explains why she's not afraid to experiment with makeup. She told me to make her look sultry, not too natural but not too dramatic.

Here's some pictures of her solemnization makeup.
Sorry i didn't have the before pictures..

I think her lips are really sexy!

She looks like the younger version of Noorkumalasari, doesn't she?

Till then,
Lots of love from

Shazreeyana Shukri

Dr. Nisa Kamila & Mr. Azizul Azwar's Solemnization Ceremony

Thanks for letting us to be part of your beautiful big day, sweetheart.. May u and Iwar live a happy and blessed life, just like u deserve to..

 And here's a  raw cut video by Cipta Karya Enterprise. They are super talented y'all.. Go and check them out, future brides and grooms..To CKE, u guys really nailed it! I was totally blown away with the sweet video..

Let's enjoy the pictures... :)

She's absolutely stunning!

Gorgeous hair by my partner, Farah
Her sexy pout *kiss*

Ain't she gorgeous??

The love of her life, Iwar

Farah thinks Nisa looks like a mermaid :)

Gorgeous dress!

The sacred ceremony

It's OFFICIAL! She's taken..

Happy faces of the newlyweds!

With Dr. Arfah, her gorgeous best friend, and Lieya her cutie sis.. ~hugs~

Lots of love,
Shazreeyana Shukri

Syafiqah's Wedding

The groom, Muhammad is an old friend of mine and he requested for a very simple light makeup for his wife. Her skin is already flawless so it was really easy for me.. Syafiqah is such a sweet girl!


Mad di touch up oleh pak andam butik pengantin

Congrats Syafiqah and Mad! And thank you for liking my makeup .. :)


Husna's Engagement Day

Took the before pic from Husna's FB.. hihihi pinjam na..

Simple engagement makeup

Husna and Nabilah, my junior in primary school. Thanks Nabilah for recommending Makeup Parlour! :)

Husna and her mom

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Shuhada's Solemnization and Reception

Syuhada got married last weekend and i couldn't be happier to be there and witness such a sweet ceremony filled with so much love, laughter and joy..

Shud before
 Solemnization ceremony

She requested for a simple, sweet and natural look

Her wonderful family

Her nephew, Karl. He was doing "Hantu Mak Limah" with sound effects..LOL this boy is too cute!

Sweet Shuhada

I was sweating like a pongpong

Awwww... this is after they were officially husband and wife
 The Reception

Awww the tiara is sparkling!

She requested for a natural look, again.. LOL

I used some bronzy MAC shimmery pigment on the lids, with some dark brown and a tiny bit of black on the outer corners, and some highlights. You may not notice the gorgeous purple under her eyes in this pic. I used some purple on the lower lashes to give her eyes a pop of colour

As usual, the messy me

Aren't they the cutest!? They were so excited and couldn't wait for their turns to be made up. I put on simple makeup on them, suitable for young girls..Ada yang pi makan dah terpadam pulak lipsticks..LOL love u girls!

Tisya Farida my junior in primary school...She's such a sweetheart!

Mak andam yang kepenatan

Just look at how tall Shud is! I am 162cm T_T

Sambut pengantin lelaki

Panglima Karl, Dollah and the flower girls

The husband and wife
May both of u live in a joyous, prosperous, beautiful and a happy life.. Amin...

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