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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elegant natural shimmery look for Dr. Syuhada's engagement

I knew Siti Syuhada Yusof@Syud since high school and we've been friends for almost 11 years now.It's quite hard for me to believe that she is already engaged to our dear friend Nazrul@Joe (the two lovebirds fell in love when they were medical students in Volgograd, Russia) and she still can't believe that i am has been a sweet 6-year relationship and i am glad that they finally decided to move on the next level. Both of them are doctors now and i can't express of how proud i am of them. I'll be joining them in about 1 year3 months, insyallah..

Syud called and asked for my help to do her makeup for her E-day. I asked Farah to help me with the eyeshadow because she's really good in choosing the right colours. We had so much fun (although we argued about which brush to use etc.. LOL) but the ceremony went on smoothly and my best friend is now ENGAGED! YAY! congrats to my other best friend and Muslimah model, Siti Saeidah Zaki (Idah) for her engagement last month. <3

Let's enjoy the pictures..


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