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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Recent pictures, girlfriends and loved ones

Well, here's some quick updates. I've gained a lot of weight lately and i'm aware of it. I'm now on a strict Herbalife diet and lifestyle change. Thanks to my sister Farah for promoting and letting me try a full set of Herbalife product. She blogged about her Herbalife diet plan and recipes in her blog. You can click here and here..I have promised myself to do it for my own good.. :)

Believe it or not, even though i'm all about makeup and beauty, i've never tried red lips before! This was my 1st attempt and i kinda like it.. Thanks to my gorgeous friend, Tia for introducing me to MAC lipliner in Beet and MAC lipstick in Russian Red..I'm gonna wear bold lip colours more often..

At a friend's birthday party waiting for the girls

Neutral makeup

My fav girl and fav polka dot dress

Indulging + stuffing ourselves with fresh seafood

My BONITAS.. Tia, Dr. Syeera, Me, Farah ..wait, where's Erin?

Oh there she is.. :)

In front of Dr. Syeera's house

At Serai @ Empire Gallery, Subang

Macaroons from Whisk! Thanks Tia for the treat!

Pic from phone

Went to Medan, Indonesia to visit my bestie, Nasrina. She is a doctor too!

I look so chubby! i ate a lot in Medan!ahhhhgg

 My man

Chubby bunny

Bunny chubby


Friday, May 06, 2011

7 Facts About Me and An Award from Natalie~

Yay i got 2 versatile blogger awards from Farah and  Natalie . Thanks girlss! FYI Natalie is really good with nails. Check out her DIY NOTD posts. I wish i'm a good as her.. T_T and Farah is my wonderful other quarter or soulmate aka my sister..hihi

I am truly honoured and happy to receive the award. Although there's no gold plated cup award involved, it's kinda fun when you get this kinda award because an award always comes along with questions .. And that is a great way for followers to be able to get to know the blogger better.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for commenting and following. It really means a lot to me :)..Whenever i get comments, it would make me smile and i'd feel SOOOO HAPPY that my eyes will get teary because i'm sensitive like that.. LOL.. and please don't hesitate to leave me constructive comments because i really want to give the best to all my lovely readers and improve my writing and blogging skills.

I think i have followed almost all of you, but please leave a comment here if i've missed any of you..  i enjoy reading other people's blog and i have found great ones that i follow and visit everyday. LOVE TO THE MAX!

This is the award from Natalie. You guys have probably seen this green square award :) I got 2! Yippie
The Shrek green award from Farah. Thanks sis!

Here are some rules for this award: 
a) Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post. - DONE :)

b) Tell us 7 things about yourself. - ok i'm gonna try my best coz i suck at describing myself. I am a complicated creature..haha!

c) Nominate 15 recently discovered new bloggers .- yes some of you will be my honoured nominees.. hope this award won't make you 'sigh' and say aiyaaa another tagged thing? LOL

d) Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award. -i'll try my very best to do so

Ok let's start with the facts, shall we?

1)  I drink a lot of water. Mineral/bottled water is my favourite drink. Believe it or not, that is what i order like most of the time whenever i eat out. And i am VERY particular about my water. They are like my babies..LOL.. i won't drink bottled water that has been opened and drank after 2 days. Because in my mind i always imagine that bacteria from the mouth has contaminated the whole bottle of water. And i don't drink water that has been exposed to heat eg bottles that are left in the car. Talking about BPA, i have 2 BPA Free water bottles that i keep with me all the time.

2) Like Natalie, i am also CLAUSTROPHOBIC! Crowded lifs, elevators, long tunnels freak me out!

3) Worms, snails, caterpillars and slimey animals/ bugs freak me out to the max! but i'm not scared of cockroaches because they are crunchy (not that i eat kinda produces a crunchy sound if u step it, right?) and they are not gummy or swiggly or should i say soft, awkward moving animals? hahaha!

4)  I am really particular about customer service. I cannot tolerate rude salesperson or cashiers. I will tell them in their face to work on their marketing and sales skills in order to work there. My sis, Farah is better at this. hihihi

5) I was a very shy kid back then and i could count how much i actually talk in a day.. i used to talk about 1-2 times a day with a friend and my mom. LOL but now i can't stop talking.. weird kid

6) I can only use toilets that have bidets and water. I can never go out of the toilet without cleaning with water. It's kinda gross to me! I hate it when i have to travel to countries that don't even have water supply, let alone water bidets in their toilets.. i would bring an empty bottle with me and fill it full with water before i enter the toilet.

7) I can't live without my Blackberry and Ipod Touch! i recently got an Ipod Touch from Hubby for our 1st anniversary. It was a perfect gift for me. I'm a gamer and a gadget girl!!..yeahhh.. love u hubby! Thanks for the splendid and awesome 1st Anniversary honeymoon..

1 extra info- i love to giggle. and i giggle a lot. i giggle after almost every sentence. I don't know why.. :0 i hope i am not annoying..

If you have been tagged by other bloggers, please ignore my tag request ok. :)

I tag :
1) Penelope from Inspired by beauty
2) Ashley from Fleur the cendre
3) Glamorous Barbie
4) Jessy from J's little place for girly heaven
5) Hussy from Beauty product Hussy
6) Helena Johansen from FRKBILMERKE
7) Diana S from The world of Nanataros
8) Tiffiefum Invasion
9) And all of all of you readers!

I think that's all i can say about me right now. Although i received 2 awards with the same rules, i won't write another 7 facts coz i'm already ran out of ideas..hahaha!

Thanks for reading!

I hope u enjoyed reading my random post... I will try o update more..xoxo

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