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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

~A ♥ ♥ ♥ Package From A Special Friend ~

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY today, yesterday and last TWO days!

I can't wait for the weekend to get my hands on hubby's DSLR, so i had to use my nostalgic and antique digital camera (a gift from my late mom) that i love and still have till today.
Sorry for the "not so sharp" pics. And the reason why i couldn't wait till Friday comes is because this love package has made me the happiest girl on earth!

My decision to be a "small time blogger" was not a bad decision after all. The support i got from my loved ones was another factor that helped me to gain the strength and confidence to do this as well. I would like to thank my Hubby for his blessings, DSLR ^_^ and LOVE, my sis Farah and brother Shafeeq for being my model, for giving me endless support, ideas and helping me in making my blog looks like a blog (i'm IT blind if u wanna to know) haha, my best friend Idah for her ideas, criticism, and courage, my dear friends on FB and all over the world, and my dear blogger friends that I met during my 4months here in the blogging world!

I never thought that blogging would be so much fun. The most fun part to me is that bloggers can make really good friends here and it's really hard for me to find "true friends" in my own real world. The main factor is that since i am a final year Med student, i don't really go out and hang around with people a lot {except on weekends when i go to meet Hubby in KL and he brings me out to meet his friend (that are also my friends now) and  my girlfriends}. My friends that i have now are the friends i met in primary school, high school or matriculation. Yes i don't have MANY good friends since i like to have the QUALITY rather than QUANTITY.

Lemme introduce all of you to my dear gorgeous blogger friend, Ashley. I can't remember exactly how i reached her blog but i'm glad i did. Since then, i became her follower and a fan. She is the most funny person and you can tell that by reading her entries (they actually made me laugh so hard because she is such a genuine person). Her blog is a really fun one, and Ashley is really good in making her readers to feel so connected to her. Although you may not now her personally, but you can feel the good vibe from the great personality that she has.

As i was reading ALL of her entries, i came across one that was about NYX products. Ashley and her blogger friend made some orders from Cherry Culture and she bought extra NYX lipglosses and jumbo pencils and was willing to let go of some of her items because she had the same ones for herself (she told me that since the postage fee from the States costs about RM50-60, so every product is worth your money if you buy more). So i ordered 2 NYX lipglosses and 2 NYX jumbo pencils from Ashley, and got her parcel last 2 days.. You can read the story behind the scene by clicking HERE.

Let me warn you again that these pics were taken with my digital camera so the quality might not be that great..

One of the happiest moments of my life ^_^

To see the things that i got, please click the "read more" button...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

~ Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review ~

Hi Everyone!

Before i begin, i would like to let you all know that i have done my eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow and lips prior to my foundation and blush, just to compare how my PHOTOS would look with and without this foundation (since it is called PhotoReady).

I got mine at Guardian for RM52@54, i cant remember (due to ants ingestion i guess).T_T

Revlon claims that this foundation will give that perfect airbrush skin in any light, complete coverage, Oil free, and fragrance free.

Let's take a tour on these pictures before i start giving my say...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Makeup Remover Review- Removing Waterproof Mascara Has Never Been This Easy!~

I was always on the search for the best makeup remover and after the long and endless journey of searching and digging for the finest product, i finally found my savior! It has now become one of my FAVOURITE MAKEUP REMOVERS.

My sister and i were doing some shopping at the Empire Shopping Gallery and she persuaded me to enter the Shu Uemura shop (it's not a booth but a shop). She was telling me that her friend bought this product the other day and the S.A did a demo on her. I was intrigued (as usual).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

~Emerald & Peacock Green Dreamy Look - Eidulfitri Edition~

Selamat Hari Raya Eidulfitri everyone!

This tutorial is going to be about the look that i wore on Eid and i think that it should be really fun to finally play with some colours!

As most of you might know, I seldom use colours on my eyes since i am a fan of neutral colours, but this time around i want to look a little different because this Eid really means a lot to me. (me n hubby's 1st Eid celebration together!) <3
And i also have been getting a lot of requests to do a tutorial on how to do eye makeup (eyeshadow).

Let's get started!

Friday, September 03, 2010

~Skin care Products And Beauty Regime~

Hello everyone!

I am very excited today because as i have promised you guys, I'll share and write about my skin care products, basically everything i use to keep my skin healthy, glowy, smooth and fresh.
Sorry for the long overdue.

As we all know, it is extremely IMPORTANT to pick the best skin care products that suit your skin type and the ones that blend well with your skin without triggering any allergic reactions whatsoever.

Everyone struggles with skin care issues from time to time, and i do understand your feelings because i've experienced it firsthand. It could be a long, stressful journey that affects your teenage life and it gets worse when you actually lose your self-confidence.

Just remember, confidence is the key to living life happily and beautifully.. only with confidence, u will feel good about yourself and appreciate yourself even more, and it will make you look more beautiful. NOTHING or NOBODY should come in the way of you feeling BEAUTIFUL about yourself..


~Autumn Breeze, Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner~

I am a fan of simple eye makeup look especially during daytime.

Do you notice that girls in Japan and Korea always wear minimum eyeshadow colours on their lids? But they really like to enhance their small cute eyes by wearing big contact lenses and false eyelashes instead of having crazy colours on their eyes??? I always envy their beauty. Beautiful flawless skin, pink cheeks and simple makeup!

Yesterday, i decided to put on only 2 eyeshadow colours to look as simple as i can. The theme was autumn breeze.. Don't ask me why the heck i picked up that name!..

I don't have the reason why i call it autumn breeze and not Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty or Spring Breeze . Autumn breeze just sounds so... so me..i sound so intellectual right?hahaha..

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