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Friday, September 03, 2010

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~Autumn Breeze, Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner~

I am a fan of simple eye makeup look especially during daytime.

Do you notice that girls in Japan and Korea always wear minimum eyeshadow colours on their lids? But they really like to enhance their small cute eyes by wearing big contact lenses and false eyelashes instead of having crazy colours on their eyes??? I always envy their beauty. Beautiful flawless skin, pink cheeks and simple makeup!

Yesterday, i decided to put on only 2 eyeshadow colours to look as simple as i can. The theme was autumn breeze.. Don't ask me why the heck i picked up that name!..

I don't have the reason why i call it autumn breeze and not Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty or Spring Breeze . Autumn breeze just sounds so... so me..i sound so intellectual right?hahaha..

Don't worry. The colour on my face matches the rest of my body. It's just the flash that's making my face looks lighter. And the reason is that i used a foundation that contains SPF in it. It reflects the light from the flash. Totally not my fault! :p

I chose lavender and soft pink. I put the soft pink colour on the inner corner of my eyes, on about 1/3 of my lids. Then i just put a soft lavender colour (both eyeshadows from Clinique) on the rest of the lids. Blend the harsh lines by sweeping the blending brush along your crease.

Btw, u can't really tell that i used 2 eyeshadow colours in the picture... It doesn't matter. You can use just one.

In this look, i used Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in Deep Brown. It is a really great cream liner that does not smudge, waterproof and really lasts ALL DAY!

Brown eyeliner makes your eyes look more romantic and natural.

I am loving these lenses from ChantekEyesPalace..

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