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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~The Products I Use For My Everyday Makeup Look~

 Hi everyone!!

For those who have been asking on how i do my everyday makeup, these are the products that i use.

I might change the routine sometimes, depending on my mood, or if i want to achieve different looks ( by changing the eyeshadow colors, lipsticks or lip glosses, and even blushes).

Basically, these are the products that i use in terms of foundation, powder, eye primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blushes, highlight and lip color almost everyday.

After washing my face with my facial cleanser (will update on my skincare routine soon!), i apply my toner, followed by a good hydrating moisturizer (with SPF if its daytime). This is practically my everyday routine to prep my face and skin before i apply any makeup on.

You would want to protect your skin from makeup products that could clog your pores to avoid unwanted zits, black heads etc.

P/S: Sorry i had to use my camera phone. I'm just too lazy to charge my digital camera.. ( Plus it's 1.44am and i am still awake and so i decided to make an entry)


1) Foundation

This is the foundation that i am using AT THE MOMENT ( had the first jar in 2007, finished using the whole jar and loved it but because i was trying other brands to compare, so i stopped for a while and finally come back to using it again. YAY!).

~Clinique Derma White Foundation with SPF15 in 05 Neutral (G)~

My personal review A high coverage foundation, creamy in consistency, might be a little oily for very oily skin (FACT: I have combination skin). It gives u good hydration, coverage, and it also contains SPF in it (which is great!)  to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

2) Concealer

~ MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 in NC35~

My personal review : Bought this little guy 3-4 years ago (can't remember) and didn't know how to use it at first because it always looked "cakey" just because i didn't know the right way to apply it. Did some " trial and error" and finally could appreciate the use of this little guy. (FACT : use it on blemishes only, not for under-eye concealer).


~ MAC Studio Fix in NC 35 , MAC 182 Kabuki Brush~

My personal review : This is the BEST compact powder or setting powder so far. It mattifies your skin, gives u a great setting power (so that your foundation won't melt and make u look like an old granny or some ghosts on TV3 spooky Malay dramas  T_T ).

I apply it with a KABUKI brush ( the secret to FLAWLESS, GREAT looking skin), so that the application and blending is easier, even and light (compared to sponge that tends to make your powder looks like you are going to perform in some Opera-not Oprah show!).

Having a Kabuki brush is a great investment ( the only MAC brush i have), because it simply gives you that FLAWLESS finish that you always wished for. <3


 ~ MAC Paint Pot in INDIANWOOD~

My personal review : I use this as a primer to prevent my eyeshadow from creasing. Our eyelids tend to get oily after some time and this will cause your eyeshadow colors to fade or even smudge!. This Paint Pot acts as a barrier between your eyelid and eyeshadow, giving you a great canvas for your beautiful eyeshadow colors and even enhances the colors as well. You can get this paint pot in several different colors.

(FACT : since i am a lazy bum, i use this as my primer + eyeshadow color). No time no time busy bee


~ Any eyeshadow color that is a few shades lighter than your hair color (for dark hair)~

FACT: I just fill my eyebrows using a dark brown eyeshadow and then fix it with clear gel. I use an angle brush for this.


~ Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black 01~

My personal review : I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (ok too much love) this eyeliner not just because it is affordable. It STAYS on your eyelids ALL DAY! You don't have to worry about Panda Eyes no more bebeh! U can cry all you want without having black teardrops ( like in Malay tragic movies@dramas). Just apply it with any synthetic brushes with tapered ends, or maybe an angle brush, depending on your preference.

This is how i usually wear my eyeliner most of the time. I like it a bit winged out, thinner on the inner corner and slightly thicker on the outer corner. It just gives you that doe-eyed look..

~ My everyday "go-to" look~


~ Maybelline the MAGNUM Volum' express~

My personal review : A great volumising mascara so far. I curl my lashes before applying mascara. It makes a HUGE difference!


~ MAC Vanilla Pigment~

My personal review : I use this highlight on my brow bones, on the highest points of my cheekbones, inner corner of my eyes (can make your eyes look brighter), a bit on the bridge of my nose and on my cupid's bow ( GooGle please?).. It gives your face the luminous healthy glow and doll-like effect! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!


~ Sugarbomb by Benefit~

My personal review : Gives you that sheer, cute pink blush color! And it has a GREAT SMELL too!


~ Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry with Bees Wax, Dior Rouge Lipstick in Precious Beige 297~

My personal review : The Lip balm is very conditioning and gives you a sheer tint of color. Sometimes, i will use lipsticks to create different looks. This is my favorite natural to nude lip color. Very moisturizing and creamy upon application.

This is pretty much what i use everyday. For eyeshadow application, please wait for my future entry (it's 3.47am and i am sleepy *_* )

~ Yana~


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~My Everyday Makeup Routine~

I'll show you how i do my makeup on daily basis in my next post..

<3 <3 <3



Hi everyone!!

I'm super duper excited today 'coz this is my first entry. My name is Shazreeyana Shukri. Friends call me Yana, my dad calls me Debab ( ya saya tu dulu..skarang chubby lagi tapi kurang la sikit 20kg O: ), my lil sister n brother call me Kak ein @ Kakak, my cousins call me Shena (cewah glamour: only by Myra n Kak Miena), sometimes my dad calls me Shazreen, my Obi and Burgs ( rakan2 burung) call me ayang..

I prefer people calling me "Yana" 'coz its short, simple and easy to remember (mmg la mcm traditional sikit tapi senang kan.cuba panggil Shazreeyana..mau jadi Shaliyana,Syaziryana, Sazliyana, Sazali?)..bagi yg lidah pendek and slalu tergeliat tu, baik panggil i " Yana" ja..

I am a 25 year-old full-time medical student ( tak percaya tak mengapa).. I was born in Kedah and currently i'm studying in Ipoh.

Let me tell u the reasons why i decided to make this blog.. people have been asking me to share my knowledge in these things :

1) Beauty, make-up tips , skin care etc.. ( not that i'm an expert)
2) Life ( believe it or not, i have NO life. or a little maybe..hihihi)
3) Love life?? - ada yg cerita masalah macam saya ni terer je..tapi saya sudi mendengar dan memberi sedikit sebanyak pendapat..kalau tak menjadi harap dimaafkan..
4) Recipes - masak cuma setahun 5 kali..tapi saya tau masak cuma tak cukup time (alasan medical student)
5) Macam-macam...

But i'm gonna focus more on HEALTH, BEAUTY, MAKE-UP TIPS and PRODUCTS, and SKIN CARE. These are the things that i LOVE <3>

This is my sister, Farah. Isn't she lovely?
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