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Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Honey Pot Wax Boutique Review

Hello ladies!

I would like to share my experience with waxing since it was my 1st time to wax at a professional waxing joint.

Ok now, why don't we go down the memory lane for a minute,. I did my own waxing so many years ago (8 to 9 years). On my MOUSTACHE! hahahaha! Ah come on, don't be shy.. every girl has a moustache. It wasn't THAT noticeable until one day i decided to stupidly and unconsciously shave it for no reason. Then it started to grow thicker and more noticeable and it was driving me NUTS! So i decided to wax.

It was the most horrifying experience. I couldn't remember which waxing strip i used but my skin was red, painful, warm to the touch, totally dried out, crusty and my upper lip became darker and it was more visible than ever! I regretted it and stopped doing it for years now.

Then last year on 2013, i decided to wax my underarm. I thought " Oh well, maybe the formula is improved now ; underarm is not as sensitive as the upper lip ; i'm not gonna hurt myself again"

This time, I used VEET waxing sheets. It has this sticky waxing gel that has to be warmed up by rubbing your hands together against it and then u apply the strip on your desired area.

IT WAS PAINFUL AS HELL. my underarm was SWOLLEN, ITCHY, RED and PAINFUL! Dang it! I should've known that my skin is sensitive to these types of waxing strips. I was scratching my underarms like crazy and my husband told me that i looked like a "CHIMPANZEE" when i do that. HAHAHA . I don't blame him because i feel like a CHIMP as well.  Believe me it wasn't a pleasant sight and experience. I had to get a topical medication for it. SIGH.. 

I GAVE UP. No more waxing in my diary.

Suddenly, i came across HONEY POT WAX BOUTIQUE. It is an award winning wax saloon. I was invited to their waxing party but i couldn't make it to the party. They are so kind to ask me to come and experience it anyway.  So i set my appointment at Honey Pot Waxing Boutique One Utama on 31st December 2013.

One Utama Shopping Centre
S119b, 2nd Floor, Old Wing,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
+603 7729-5598

I was ANXIOUS! Didn't know what to expect.

This is how the place looks like.

It is small but cozy.

I wad to wait for my turn but i only had to wait for about 10 minutes for the previous client to get her waxing done.

  The room.

 This is HARD WAX that they use. How pretty it is and it's HOT PINK!

The staff at Honey Pot, Chacha, did the waxing for me. She's very warm and friendly. I bet she could see how nervous i was after i told her about my bad experience with strip waxing. She then explained to me that they use different kind of waxing which is called HARD WAX.

She cleaned my underarm with a wet tissue and then placed this warm and gooey hot pink wax. It felt warm and cozy. No burning sensation at all.

I also noticed that she used different spatula every time she applied the wax for hygiene purposes. After a few seconds, the wax hardened like a rubber and she then quickly pulled the wax off. WOW! The pain was so bearable. From the scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being the most painful shizzz) i would rate the pain as 2! It was surprisingly not that painful at all.

 And all my underarm hairs are GONE!

 AHHHHHH!! I love it! I will definitely come back for sure.

I also bought their underarm whitening serum to keep my underarms bright.

Overall, i would have to say it was a very interesting and exciting experience. With waxing, your unwanted hairs will only grow after about 2 to 3 weeks after waxing and the hair will become more fine compared to shaving. Bye bye shavers.

This is the price list of all the services they provide.

I'll have to make my appointment soon.

Till next time.

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