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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Honey Pot Wax Boutique Review

Hello ladies!

I would like to share my experience with waxing since it was my 1st time to wax at a professional waxing joint.

Ok now, why don't we go down the memory lane for a minute,. I did my own waxing so many years ago (8 to 9 years). On my MOUSTACHE! hahahaha! Ah come on, don't be shy.. every girl has a moustache. It wasn't THAT noticeable until one day i decided to stupidly and unconsciously shave it for no reason. Then it started to grow thicker and more noticeable and it was driving me NUTS! So i decided to wax.

It was the most horrifying experience. I couldn't remember which waxing strip i used but my skin was red, painful, warm to the touch, totally dried out, crusty and my upper lip became darker and it was more visible than ever! I regretted it and stopped doing it for years now.

Then last year on 2013, i decided to wax my underarm. I thought " Oh well, maybe the formula is improved now ; underarm is not as sensitive as the upper lip ; i'm not gonna hurt myself again"

This time, I used VEET waxing sheets. It has this sticky waxing gel that has to be warmed up by rubbing your hands together against it and then u apply the strip on your desired area.

IT WAS PAINFUL AS HELL. my underarm was SWOLLEN, ITCHY, RED and PAINFUL! Dang it! I should've known that my skin is sensitive to these types of waxing strips. I was scratching my underarms like crazy and my husband told me that i looked like a "CHIMPANZEE" when i do that. HAHAHA . I don't blame him because i feel like a CHIMP as well.  Believe me it wasn't a pleasant sight and experience. I had to get a topical medication for it. SIGH.. 

I GAVE UP. No more waxing in my diary.

Suddenly, i came across HONEY POT WAX BOUTIQUE. It is an award winning wax saloon. I was invited to their waxing party but i couldn't make it to the party. They are so kind to ask me to come and experience it anyway.  So i set my appointment at Honey Pot Waxing Boutique One Utama on 31st December 2013.

One Utama Shopping Centre
S119b, 2nd Floor, Old Wing,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
+603 7729-5598

I was ANXIOUS! Didn't know what to expect.

This is how the place looks like.

It is small but cozy.

I wad to wait for my turn but i only had to wait for about 10 minutes for the previous client to get her waxing done.

  The room.

 This is HARD WAX that they use. How pretty it is and it's HOT PINK!

The staff at Honey Pot, Chacha, did the waxing for me. She's very warm and friendly. I bet she could see how nervous i was after i told her about my bad experience with strip waxing. She then explained to me that they use different kind of waxing which is called HARD WAX.

She cleaned my underarm with a wet tissue and then placed this warm and gooey hot pink wax. It felt warm and cozy. No burning sensation at all.

I also noticed that she used different spatula every time she applied the wax for hygiene purposes. After a few seconds, the wax hardened like a rubber and she then quickly pulled the wax off. WOW! The pain was so bearable. From the scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being the most painful shizzz) i would rate the pain as 2! It was surprisingly not that painful at all.

 And all my underarm hairs are GONE!

 AHHHHHH!! I love it! I will definitely come back for sure.

I also bought their underarm whitening serum to keep my underarms bright.

Overall, i would have to say it was a very interesting and exciting experience. With waxing, your unwanted hairs will only grow after about 2 to 3 weeks after waxing and the hair will become more fine compared to shaving. Bye bye shavers.

This is the price list of all the services they provide.

I'll have to make my appointment soon.

Till next time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michiko Scarves is finally here!


Hello everybody!

I would like to introduce my own brand of scarves that i made and designed.

Why Michiko? When i was little, my family used to call me Michiko because they say i look like an actress from Japan. Haha..

Here's some of our collection..

Measurement : 2 meters x 0.6 meters

The purpose of having a scarf that is long and wide enough is to enable you to cover your chest area and manipulate the scarf to your own style and preference.

Please check out our Facebook page at Michiko Scarves. You can also follow us on Instagram @michikoscarves.

Much love,

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Tips on motherhood

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since i last posted anything on my blog. I've been a busy mommy and now a student. I've joined University Malaya to finish off my final year and get my degree in MBBS.
A lot of my friends are either expecting or have had their babies. Motherhood is such a beautiful journey, don't u think? I would like to share my own experience about the preparation and where i bought my baby stuffs since a lot of my friends always ask me these questions. So let's get started..

1) Do i really need to buy a baby cot/crib?
I bought quite a big baby cot so that it still can be used until the age of 4-5 years.. i thought having a baby cot is a must but if u are planning to fully breastfeed, it could be a pain for u to get up every 1-2 hours to take the baby out,feed her and put her back in, discreetly. I did that during the 1st 2 months and let me tell ya my back was hurting so bad and i developed a condition called De Quervain's tendonitis where the synovial sheaths on both of my wrists are inflammed and the pain was indescribable.

So after having such a condition i had to come up with a plan since my wrists are pretty much in a bad shape. My baby sleeps in the middle of me n hubs,on her own matress,bolsters and a flat latex pillow which has big holes on it so that the baby won't suffocate. But there's an issue here. Will it be safe since there's 2 gigantic parents sleeping together with a small little baby on the same bed? As for me it really depends on u. I am a light sleeper and even the slightest sound can wake me up. And it is the opposite with my hubs. When he's in dreamland that means bye bye until i shake him up. LOL love u abg! We try to sleep very quietly and sopan-ly so that we won't mash or suffocate our baby.

Some of the people i know sleep separately. The mommy sleeps with the baby and the dad sleeps alone. This method may be better if your partner sleeps ' dangerously' haha!

I think it's better for u to wait and see until the baby comes, and then decide on whether u need a cot.

2) What other baby essentials do i need to prepare before the baby comes?

a) bath tub, hooded towels, toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotion, cream, minyak angin)

b) baby nail clippers - very important because their nails grow so fast and they like to scratch their faces

c) changing table - i find this useful for cleaning, dressing and undressing the baby so that your back won't hurt. I bought mine together with the cot at Babies Kingdom.

d) breastpump - mine is medela freestyle and medela harmony both bought from Emums dad shop at

e) bottles - even a breastfeeding mom will need bottles to store their milk in case of emergency. To feed the baby I have medela, NUK and Avent(that i don't use much because it won't fit into my medela breastpumps). For storage purposes i use bumble bee, amazing mom and Autumz storage bottles. Got most of them from

f) cooler bag and ice packs - if u plan to breastfeed and it makes travelling with milk easier. All bought from

g) detergent for baby - i use Autumz laundry detergent and Pureen ABD for baby's clothes. Pureen HAD and Rocking Green Detergent for cloth diapers

h) diapers - i use cloth diapers. If any of u are interested to know more about my cloth diaper routine please let me know in the comment box below. I will make a different post about it

i) stroller and car seat -  a car seat is a must for safety reasons

That's about all that i can think of at the moment. I will add more if i have missed anything else.
If any of u new mommies have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know in the comment box below. I would be glad to help. I know motherhood can be a little scary, intimidating and overwhelming to some of us but with proper guidance  there shouldn't be any problems.
Till next time,
Mommy Yana

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Affordable Quality Brushes Comparable to MAC's Brushes! Sigma Mrs. Bunny Vegan Collection Kit Review

Hello dolls!

I wrote this post when i was pregnant and never got the chance to post it...

I would like to introduce all of you to my Sigma brush kit from Mrs. Bunny Vegan Collection!

This is what i call "Love at first sight".. I fell in love with this collection right away after i saw the colours of the handles (baby blue+pink) and decided to get it when i found out that the bristles are made with synthetic Sigmax HD fibers.

I decided to get this one after reading and watching great reviews about Sigma brushes in general plus some videos of several beauty gurus talking about the differences between this collection and previous collections. MakeupByTiffanyD, a YouTube beauty guru also compared Sigma brushes with MAC brushes.

You can watch her video here :

F30 Large Powder Brush  
The softest powder brush i've ever tried and owned! Hands down! the density of the bristles is perfect for a powder brush and it really powders your skin well without taking in too much product. Some powder brushes tend to accumulate too much powder in between their bristles and you'll end up with a cakey face. Not with this one obviously. I use this brush to apply loose powder all over my face.

F50 Duo Fibre Brush

This one in particular is great for foundation application (though i don't use it for that), applying blushes or bronzers and loose powders too. It is also great for applying MAC's mineralized skin finishes (MSF's) ! But i think there's a lot of duo fibre brushes from other companies that are as great as this one. For example, my duo fiber brush from Tony Moly. The both of them have similar density and softness. So, i wasn't too crazy about this brush because i've had the same quality brush from other brands. But it's still a great brush though since it comes with the set.

F40 Large Angled Contour Brush

I can never rave enough about the softness of all Sigma Brushes. I'm touching all of them as i'm writing this review. LOL (feeling itu penting).. This brush is great for applying blushes or bronzers and since it's angled and tapered, it fits nicely into the hollows of your cheeks.

 E40 Tapered Blending Brush

Great blending brush! it's smaller and not as fluffy as MAC's 224 brush so it's really great for Asian eyes which have much less space.

  E55 Eye Shading Brush

    This brush is really great to pack on eyeshadows on to the lids. Because it is very dense and stiff, it packs on colours very well. The bristles are super soft and not prickly (need i say more?). The rounded shape of this brush makes it a lot easier to apply eyeshadows on to the lids too!

 F70 Concealer Brush    

I use this for spot concealing. Even if i use it to conceal my under eye area, i still dab the concealer with my ring finger to kinda melt the concealer and blend it into the skin. This brush is good for applying concealer on  needed spots, not for blending it in.
E30 Pencil Brush

A pointed round brush which is great for smudging eyeliner or applying eyeshadow on your under eye area. Sometimes i use this brush to apply highlight in the inner corners of my eyes.

E65 Small Angle Brush

 I use this brush to set my eyeliner with eyeshadow to make it more long lasting.. This brush can also be used to fill in your brows. But i think it's a little soft for that purpose. I prefer a sturdier angle brush to fill in my brows.

 E70 Medium Angled Shader Brush    

This brush is great to create a cut crease look. It helps you to blend and make your cut crease even more smooth looking.. Sometimes i use this to apply eyeshadow on my lids when my other brush is dirty.
Sigma brushes really caught my attention. They really deserve to be where they are now. Thank you Sigma for creating such great products! I'm in LOVE...
To get your Sigma brushes at 10% discount, you can click the banner below..After making your order, just enter this code AP2012 to enjoy your 10% discount.
And if you purchase any Sigma products for $30 or more in total, you'll be getting a complimentary gift which is a mini eyeshadow palette! How fun!!
Note: The sub-total of the purchase must be over $30 to receive the complimentary gift. 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing our new little bundle of joy..

Hey everyone!

I missed u guys! I know i have been missing for months now..I am happy to announce that i gave birth to a healthy baby girl on March 15th 2012!

Big momma in labour pain hihi

And finally....

Introducing.. RANIA ZARA BT SHAHAIRUL AMIR, weight 2.98 kg , born at 03.30 am..
Weeeee i'm OUT!
Welcome to the world, sayang..

Our Chubby Bunny is 3+ months old now. Oh how time flies..My little princess is getting bigger and bigger day by day..
She is now 6.6 kg!

Latest pic of me..Breakfast with my lovely girlfriends last weekend..

I am proud to say that my baby is fully breastfed (coz' everybody knows that mommy's milk is THE BEST) and she wears cloth diapers (more eco friendly)..

You can ask me questions here at the comment section below or ask me on my Facebook :)

Till then,

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