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Saturday, September 25, 2010

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~ Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review ~

Hi Everyone!

Before i begin, i would like to let you all know that i have done my eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow and lips prior to my foundation and blush, just to compare how my PHOTOS would look with and without this foundation (since it is called PhotoReady).

I got mine at Guardian for RM52@54, i cant remember (due to ants ingestion i guess).T_T

Revlon claims that this foundation will give that perfect airbrush skin in any light, complete coverage, Oil free, and fragrance free.

Let's take a tour on these pictures before i start giving my say...

Wearing only the foundation on my skin. Have not applied any powder @ blush yet.

Before photo- You can notice that my skin tone looks uneven (forehead looks darker), with red spots on my nose and cheeks.

After photo - I think the foundation can cover a bit of redness ( but not too much) because the consistency of this foundation is less creamy compared to Revlon ColorStay Foundation. Nevertheless, it gives my skin that dewy and glowy finish, making my skin looks more fresh and radiant.

But for those of you who have oily skin, i would suggest you not to skip your powder application step. The powder can help to give you a more matte finish instead of just looking like a grease ball that can be really gross!

And so i applied my MAC Studio Fix with my 182 MAC Kabuki brush.. It looks more matte now right?

And you must be thinking "What is wrong with this girl? Why did she put 2 similar pictures in a row? She really enjoys buffing her face ayyy...maybe because she thinks her face can look airbrushed permanently????" Arghhhh maybe i just like to be redundant. But wait! Of course i have my own reasons for putting similar photos TWICE!

This foundation has tiny sparkles that makes you face glow, and to some people who have bigger pores will find that this foundation actually accentuate their pores even more. For instance, i have big pores on my nose(they are not actually pores but they were scars from my previous giant pimples, but the do look like big pores). Anyhow, after applying this foundation, the pores are still there, so after buffing my face with MAC Studio Fix powder with my Kabuki brush, the pores seems so be more friendly and they are not so visible anymore. That's why this step is important.

Coverage wise, i think this foundation has a more medium coverage than what they claim. But the coverage is still buildable. Revlon ColorStay is way more creamy and hence provide you more coverage. But i love how this foundation makes my skin glowy and radiant! A plus point for that too!

For those who are wondering what products i used for my eye makeup:

Clinique eyeshadow Quad 110 Plum Seduction
MAC Vanilla Pigment
Maybelline Lasting Drama Liner in Black
Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

My verdict on Revlon PhotoReady Foundation :
~ I love it because it is affordable (the price is almost similar to Revlon ColorStay Foundation, but  costs just slightly more)
~ It gives me that dewy finish (can be adjustable by applying Powder. Not too much of course or you will look like a hantu tepung@ flour ghost??) ~_~
~ I only saw 5 different shades when i went to Guardian to look for it (i wish they have more shades)
~ It is blendable, lighter than Revlon ColorStay
~ It doesn't have that weird smell Revlon ColorStay has
~ Medium to full coverage. But i think it's more sheer compared to ColorStay
~ The bottle comes with a pump!!! YAY! ColorStay should have pumps too!!!!!!!! GRRrrrrrr...
~ I do not recommend this foundation to those with large pimples, prominent scars, or visible lines. The small sparkles@shimmer can accentuate your flaws.

 But before i make any conclusions, i would like to put this foundation to test.. just to know how it will turn out on other skin types.
(My skin is more acne-prone but my lovely sister's skin is more freckle-prone)..

And to test this foundation, i asked this lovely lady to be my guinea pig..hihihi..maybe guinea pig is not that nice. Lets call her "my hamster"..

Introducing "my lovely hamster" aka my beautiful little sister, Farah.. hihihi adik jangan marah naaa.. atak loves u!

My beautiful little sister, Farah..

This is her makeup artist! Mak tak kuasa, nyah!! LOL

Sista LOVE !!! We have different features, but same parents.. LOL
I just cut my hair last week. T_T

She requested for a natural, seductive, sultry, Angelina Jolie, and 1 more actress's name-like eye makeup. Cerewet punya orang!

Here are the products i used for her eye makeup:

MAC Paint Pot Indianwood
Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals Expert Wear Eyeshadow
MAC Vanilla Pigment
Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in Deep Brown
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

Ok.. jadi dah Mariah Munirah Kari Kepala Itik Sudu.. hihihi..

Isn't she lovely? Thanks adik!

Alhamdulililah .. i am now back to my normal weight.. Had only papayas for dinner for the last 2 weeks. I didn't know how much i gained during Ramadhan and Eid.. idddkkk..i guess around 3-4 kg. T_T no more heavy dinner for me, that's for sure..

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