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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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~Makeup Remover Review- Removing Waterproof Mascara Has Never Been This Easy!~

I was always on the search for the best makeup remover and after the long and endless journey of searching and digging for the finest product, i finally found my savior! It has now become one of my FAVOURITE MAKEUP REMOVERS.

My sister and i were doing some shopping at the Empire Shopping Gallery and she persuaded me to enter the Shu Uemura shop (it's not a booth but a shop). She was telling me that her friend bought this product the other day and the S.A did a demo on her. I was intrigued (as usual).

My sis bought the bigger version and i got the privilege to get the smaller versions of Shu Uemura Skin Purifier 50ml + Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse 30g for only RM 30! What a steal, right??! My eyes went as big as watermelons.O_O


 Shu Uemura Skin Purifier High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula     ( *_* already out of breath)

The infamous cleansing oil

The Secret to perfect cleansing

All Shu Uemura cleansing oils, including premium A/I, are formulated using the unique HPO System, a complex combination of 3 specially selected oils for advanced cleansing. The 3 selected oils are molecularly distinct allowing for optimum penetration of stubborn waxes and oils in waterproof mascara, foundation and lip color. Natural impurities such as sebum and dirt also respond to the HPO System, effortlessly dissolving for a comprehensive one-step cleansing.

The secret of beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin

Your skin is endowed with many functions to preserve its beauty, but one thing it cannot do is cleanse itself.
Just as a painter relies on the purity of his canvas to create art, so too does a make-up artist. Beautiful skin is the canvas for a make-up artist and the richness of hues, brushstrokes, and overall effect of make-up depends on the quality of that canvas.
The secret to beautiful skin starts with gentle, thorough cleansing that removes impurities without stripping skin's moisture. Shu uemura cleansing oils protect skin's delicate moisture balance blending advanced scientific methods and natural phyto-ingredients for perfect gentle cleansing in a single step.

Listen to your skin

Just as our moods change, so too do our skin conditions. Give your skin the tools it needs remain balanced and radiant against environmental and internal flux. Unique blends of science and nature have led to cleansing oils tailored for each of your daily skin needs.
NEW premium A/I -  The first premium cleansing oil to soothe and care for fragile skin
A luxuriously rich texture to calm delicate skin conditions. Soothes and moisturizes for smooth, plump skin with a relaxing herbal fragrance to relax the mind. Gentle cleansing with a conditioning finish.

12 hours after i put my makeup on  ~_~

Right half- after massaging with Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Whoaaaa I look like a stray cat. So comot! Even the people from the cat rescue team (what do you call those i don't know) won't take this cat in. Whatever.

Notice that the waterproof mascara has gone? For those who had just done lasik won't be able to tell. One side of my eyelashes is obviously thicker than the other side. All i did was gently massage my eye area with no pressure at all! The mascara seemed to be dissolved. A big YAY for that!

After massaging your face for about 1 minute with the cleansing oil, wet your hands with a bit of luke-warm water and massage it for another 30 seconds. The oil will then turn milky. Rinse it off.

Half-naked face


My personal review:

I love how this cleansing oil effortlessly removes all my makeup, especially  the stubborn waterproof mascara. But my skin still needs extra moisturization as this cleansing oil didn't leave enough moisture on my skin. But maybe the one i used was from the Oil Balancing range. It'll be perfect for those with oily skin.

There are different types available to match your skin type:

a) Premium A/0 - Revitalization for aging skin concerns

Premium quality cleansing oil for aging skin to help restore radiance. With green tea extract containing catechin, known for its anti-oxidant properties to revitalize fatigued skin.

b) Fresh - For radiant skin with tightened pores

A light textured refining cleansing oil with cherry extract to remove excess dead skin cells and help tighten pores.  Leaves a refreshed sensation after cleansing.

c) Classic - Acclaimed globally for all skin conditions

Shu Uemura's signature cleansing oil. Gently cleanses skin while maintaining moisture balance. Leaves skin feeling comfortable with a rosemary-based aroma.

d) Enriched - For revitalizing dry skin conditions

High performance enriched oil contains bitter orange peel, tomato and red pepper extracts known to promote micro-circulation within the skin.

I hope this review helps those who love waterproof mascara, but hate the gruesome and painful removing part..


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