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Saturday, October 01, 2011

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Dinner Makeup For Amy and Farhana

A familar face? :) Amy was the bridesmaid from Makeup for bridesmaid and flower girls post and was 1 of our previous clients. Thanks Amy for choosing Makeup Parlour again.. :)

Amy and Farhana requested for dinner makeover for their University annual dinner.

Amy before the makeover
Amy requested for Moonlight Seduction eye makeup from one of Michelle Phan's tutorials. I used pink, plum purple, sparkly blue and some black

The Beautiful Amy

Farhana, a friend of Amy requested for gold and copper eyes with some black for the dramatic effect. A special thanks to Farhana and her family for the warm welcome! My hubby said he really enjoyed the meehoon hailam and the great chat with Farhana's parents..I had so much fun with all of them too! She has such a great family!

Farhana before the makeover

Isn't she gorgeous? She requested for Gold and copper..

She had small cute eyes so we couldn't use dramatix falsies like the ones i used on Amy.

TWO GoRGEOus Ladies in the house!
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