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Sunday, October 02, 2011

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Dr. Nisa Kamila & Mr. Azizul Azwar's Solemnization Ceremony

Thanks for letting us to be part of your beautiful big day, sweetheart.. May u and Iwar live a happy and blessed life, just like u deserve to..

 And here's a  raw cut video by Cipta Karya Enterprise. They are super talented y'all.. Go and check them out, future brides and grooms..To CKE, u guys really nailed it! I was totally blown away with the sweet video..

Let's enjoy the pictures... :)

She's absolutely stunning!

Gorgeous hair by my partner, Farah
Her sexy pout *kiss*

Ain't she gorgeous??

The love of her life, Iwar

Farah thinks Nisa looks like a mermaid :)

Gorgeous dress!

The sacred ceremony

It's OFFICIAL! She's taken..

Happy faces of the newlyweds!

With Dr. Arfah, her gorgeous best friend, and Lieya her cutie sis.. ~hugs~

Lots of love,
Shazreeyana Shukri
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