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Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Golden Smokey Arabian Look featuring my BFF, Saeidah

Today i made some dinner for Hubby, Farra, my BFF and her BF..
I cooked Pasta with Mushroom Cream Sauce, apple crumble for dessert, and my BFF made my all time favourite fruit and jelly cocktail!

So while we were waiting for the rest to get home, me and my BFF played with some makeup... just to kill the time before i put in some shrimps into my cream sauce...i want my shrimps to be "sweet and tender" ..hehehe..

She requested for an Arabic look that's great for dinners or night functions, because as you all might know, smokey look and dark colours are not that appropriate for daytime wear...

Au naturel~
and After the makeover...

I don't know why am i so afraid of black eyeshadow.. I don't like it!!! but to intensify the outer corner and a bit of the crease area, i had to.. but i kept blending and blending and blending and blending x 312847193 till in the end, the black disappeared.. LOL.. me and black eyeshadow are enemies i guess....

On her lips, i first drew a line on her lips with The Face Shop lip liner pencil in Pink Brown, then i filled in the lips with Stage Lipstick in Pastel Posy (my default and all-time favourite matte lipstick!), and top it with NYX Smokey Look lipgloss that i bought from my dear friend, Ashley...

And because i don't like black, i used shimmery dark brown instead on the outer V....Its more like a golden-bronzy smokey look..hihihihih..

Ok she's gonna be my Muslimah model from now on!...

Amboi jeling sapa tu?

Just to get the "Arabic" mode...

Thanks ayang!!!
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