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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Forest Nymph-Inspired Look featuring Farra

I have been thinking long and hard about a new look to share with y'all lately and after some time, I decided that I would like to use a colour that people usually shy away from. Yes, in the spirit of mother earth and all things with chlorophyll, I am celebrating the nature by using GREEN and YELLOW in my entry. Semangat negeri Kedah la pulak yee... Wait! Don't be scared.. Let me share with you why I chose this colour.

Green is believed to have some relaxing effect on the eye as it reminds us of all things natural and earthy, like the endless green hills or a field of grassy meadows. Green is actually the color of peace and so I decided that I want to share with my beloved followers how to do a makeup look with an adventurous colour like green. If done correctly, this look is beautiful and may look high-fashion and editorial too. The secret is in the mixing of colours and choosing the right shade of tone.

Before nature manifests...

To see the After photos, please click the "read more" button...

Shazreeyana Shukri Summer Look

You can see here that i used yellow+gold in the inner corner of her eyes and vibrant green on the outer corner, with some dark green on the crease to add in some depth. On the lower lash line, i used turquoise on the outer 2/3rd and yellow+gold on the inner part.

I lined her upper lids with black eyeliner, and lower lids with a dark blue liner. Finish the eyes off with a black mascara and your eyes are done...

On her lips, i used Baby Blossom from Stage, and NYX Smokey Look lipgloss. Cheek colour from Stage.

"Hello? Anybody there?"

On her face, I used Stage Liquid Foundation and Miyami powder in Medium. There you see .. inexpensive products are great too! Your skin can look flawless without having to break the bank..

Vibrant colours are perfect for summer (especially if u live overseas)

My beautiful sister...

Don't you think that this picture looks high-fashion? hihihi

We are the crazee sisterssssss......

Was just trying out my sis's headbands.. Look how different headbands worn in different styles can change your look in a second...

I hope you like this post...
Till then....

Mucho LOVE!
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