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Monday, April 04, 2011

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Stage Haul ~ Featuring Stage Wonderluxe and Wonderlust Lipsticks

A month ago, i did a pretty bad damage at Stage because they are having this crazy SALE where almost all items are RM12!

But in this post, i'm gonna feature their lipsticks which i have been loving for years. I bought my 1st Stage lipstick 3 years ago and the first one was PASTEL POSY, and it has been my default nude pinkie lippie since then. My sister loves it, my friend Tia loves it too. Their Wonderluxe lipsticks have a very nice scent, and although the finish is matte, the lipsticks are hydrating enough..

Their normal price for a lipstick was RM45 but i think they have increased it to RM48.


I made 2 visits to Stage Cosmetics. What i got on the 1st visit

Candid Coral, Midsummer Mauve, Apricot Angel, Candy Coy, Lush Lotus, Audrey(Wonderlust)

I bought Lush Lotus a year ago and abandoned it for an unknown reason, regretted it and now i'm totally loving it again and i have it in my purse all the time! : )

I also have a post on Midsummer Mauve Wonderluxe Lipstick review. Click here to view.

The pictures were taken 3 weeks ago. I think i looked pretty tan. haha!

I was wearing Stage Photo Pro Foundation in these pictures..It has a more runny consistency and it gives me a medium coverage but i think the coverage is buildable. I set this foundation with Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder..

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
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