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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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My perfect HG eye cream and lip balm ~ Featuring Kiehl's

OMG! i can't express how much i am loving this eye cream!

You can view people's review on this eye cream here..,default,pd.html

This is one of the best eye creams i've tried so far. I didn't feel greasy at all, but it hydrates my eye area very well. My eye area can be a bit dry sometimes, and i really hate it when it's dry! You know when you have those days where your under eye concealer and loose powder look kinda cakey, didn't look right and the worst is when your lines are visible.. i just couldn't take it anymore!

My previous eye cream was from Clinique and it's called "All about eyes rich" eye cream. It worked pretty ok but i don't really like the greasy feeling it gave. I still have some of it left so i'm gonna alternate it with my new found LOVER, Khiel's until i'm done with it.

Khiel's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado RM 100 for 14g of product

Contains all the avocado goodness
The rich texture is filled with avocado goodness and i bet you guys already know that avocado is really great for your skin, right?

I just take a small amount on my ring finger, and then rub both of my ring fingers together to kinda "melt" it a bit...and the consistency changes! then i dab it all over my eye area. It feels a bit cooling, and the creamy texture changes to a thinner texture, almost like a gel or liquid. My eyes feel so refreshed and the next morning, i can already see and feel the difference! Ahhh i am in LOVE!

i am gonna indulging myself with this eye cream tonight.. and many many more nights to come.. :)
I know this little baby is gonna stick around for a while. Maybe forever!

I also got 2 samples from Kiehl's. Ultra facial cream and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

I've also tried the Ultra facial cream sample and i am totally loving it too! Kiehl's has SUPER FREAKING AWESOME products hands down...

I also got their VERY FAMOUS Lip balm a few months ago..
Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 RM 39 for 15ml of product

A few years ago i read somewhere that Tom Cruise and other Hollywood celebrities swear by this lip balm

Creamy, hydrating, tasteless, odorless.. Works great!

I can't write or talk enough good things about this great lip balm. I went to Korea in February when they had their worst winter on 30 years (-16 to -24 degrees celcius plus WIND *_*) and i had been applying this lip balm on top of my lipsticks religiously. My lips DIDN'T CRACK at all, despite the freezing evil cold weather..
I just can't live without it.
You've got to try it to believe it.. : )

Till then beauties. I hope you enjoyed this review..

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