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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Revealing my #1 favourite foundation...

Thanks everyone who commented on my previous posts! Your comments really made my day.. and i would like to welcome and thank my new followers for following my blog. And I have followed every single one of you too! If i missed any of you, please let me know ok? I am so excited and looking forward to exploring more great blogs!

And now...revealing my favourite foundation....

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
This foundation costs about RM 153. I hate the price though as i am still a student and i don't need another foundation coz i already have like 10 of them.. But this one really intrigued me.. I heard so many good reviews about this particular foundation and i was thrilled to find a Laura Mercier counter at the Empire Gallery.

I tried it on my hand, liked it. Tried it on my face, LOVED IT! I love the texture and the finish that it gives.. The consistency is creamy and i only need about a pea size to cover my whole face..

Creamy consistency

It feels really light on my skin, like i'm wearing no foundation at all. That's what i like about this foundation. And after spreading it with my fingers ( i don't use a brush with this i figured that fingers work well with this one), i can see that almost all of my acne scars have disappeared. It also hides any discoloration on my face. I noticed that i don't need as much concealer as i needed before.. We are talking about a FULL and HIGH coverage product..

The coverage is BUILDABLE.If u want a medium coverage, use less. When it sets, its gives a nice luminous finish, somewhat silky and almost matte but there's still some luminosity to it.. and my skin still feels and looks like my real skin! I love it!

A little really goes a long way!
The only downside about this foundation to me is that it doesn't last for more than 8-10 hours like my MAC studio fix foundation does, most probably because i live in a hot and humid country, and maybe because the texture is creamy, it doesn't really "stick" that well. I won't recommend it to women with very oily skin+live in humid weather or to those who need that FULL coverage all day long..

I 1st saw this product in one of Juicystar07 or Blair's youtube videos. She said she has oily skin but this foundation works great for her. Maybe because the weather there where she lives is not as humid as mine, and also maybe because she uses the Scandinavian No More Shine Spray that really helps to fix her makeup and keep her looking matte all day..Here's her video..

I still love this foundation nevertheless.. Sometimes i set it with Loose Powder, sometimes with my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, sometimes with my Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder.. I'm in the phase of trying to figure out how to set this foundation to make it lasts longer.. I think the Chanel Mat Lumiere and Laura Mercier Mineral Powder work great!

Talking about the lasting power, i don't usually wear my makeup more than 8 hours except on special occasions. So i don't think i have any problem with this foundation. If u are someone who works in the office with aircond all the time, this foundation might work for u.

Note: In these pictures, I have worn the foundation for more than 2 hours..
With my 'ostrich' falsies..LOL

With my BFF. Less than 1 hour after applying the LM foundation

Tried parting my hair in the center and i think i look old

Me and my sister, Farra
Kisses to all of u my lovely ladies

Please check out my sister's blog Sugar, Spice and What Not, because she made a great post on How to take care of your eyes, especially for contact lense wearers. She also made a review on Laura Mercier Mineral powder that she recently got.

Till then beauties.. Love,
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