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Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Midsummer Mauve Lipstick from Stage + FOTD + Girls Night Out

 Stage is having a SALE until May 2nd! All lipsticks and lipglosses are sold for RM12, lipliners for RM8! I couldn't go so i asked my friend Idah to get the things for me. And one of them is this lipstick in Midsummer Mauve. It's a little dark compared to what i would go for which is always nude pink, but i love it!!

Sorry i forgot to take a picture of the lipstick. Too bad the DSLR is in KL and i'm in Ipoh at the moment..
This is how the lipstick looks like on me..
Matte. Wet hair just after shower lol

Midsummer Mauve #21 from Stage

I applied Stage lipgloss in Narcissus

Cat eye MEOW!

3 layer necklace from <3

Thanks Erin from for the gorgeous necklace! Erin is a good friend of mine and what a gorgeous lady she is!

We had our girls night out last Saturday and we totally had a blast!! Thanks girls! I love you girls so much!

The gorgeous Tia, The cute Dr. Syeera, The hot and spicy Farra and The sweet Erin.. LOVE

You girls ROCK my world!
My morphine and xanax.. LOL Farra my lovely lil sister from Sugar. Spice and What Not

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