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Friday, March 11, 2011

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A makeover for Idah (Picture Heavy)

Hello Dolls!

My BFF Idah came to pay me a visit few days ago to cheer me up and we ended up playing with makeups! That's what we do for fun..hihi.She even made my favourite honeydew cocktail, while hubby ordered pizza for all of us. So sweet!

We had so much fun! I just bought a head light and this was my 1st attempt to use it as a spotlight. Hihi i think it worked..

Enjoy the photos....

Before... forgotten about the head light. Was too busy chatting and nom nommy..

Head light on. I used my earring to accessorize..

Sugar bomb blush by Benefit, Laura Mercier Pink Sparkle Mineral Blush for the cheeks. Without flash, the head light kinda washes the skin colour a bit..but i still love the effect

And for the eyes, i used MAC pigment in Pink Opal sample that i got for free on the lid, and some mixture of colours that i cannot remember. Some mauve, copper, taupe, and added some black to intensify the colour. Pearl white on the inner corner of course..

She is getting married in Nov!!!congrats Idah and Am!

Pink Opal has that irridescent pink that doesn't quite show in photos. But in real life, i think the pearly pink is so gorgeous!

What a great smile!

I thought i put black shimmery eyeshadow on her lower lashline, but it looks kinda navy blue in pictures with flash maybe because there's blue shimmer in it. I like how it looks! Gives a pop of colour to her look..

I didn't apply eyeliner on her upper lashline because she has narrow and small eyelids, i want the Pink Opal to shine and make her eyes look brighter.

New falsies that i bought in Malacca. Dirt cheap ok!

Flying kisses from Idah..
I love u my bestie! Thank you for your visit. I really enjoy having you and BURGS around..For those who don't know what BURGS is, it is actually a name we call our group with, and the members are Farra, Idah and Syuhada (and partners). We are a group of best friends (except for Farra who is my sister, but she's also my best friend). Burgs always have each other through ups and downs, thickest and thinnest, joy or pain. I am very lucky to have these girls around!

I am feeling better now, back to being my normal happy self, THANKS to burgs and my fellow blogger friends and also friends who commented/emailed to give me support, motivation, love and care. I wouldn't have done it without all of you.. I love u guys so much!

And to my precious Hubby, thanks for being the most amazing guy in the world!! I love you sayang!

Hugs and kisses to all of you..

P/S : For more photos, you can check out my Facebook album..
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