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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look - Featuring Beauty Guru #4

Hello beauties...

My gorgeous friend Ashley from Fleur de Cendre chose her favourite Japanese celebrity, Ayumi Hamasaki.. She is a famous Japanese singer with a really cute doll-like face.

She is really cute, no?

Isn't she lovely??? I love her!
I also won her giveaway end of last year! That was my 1st time winning a giveaway... Thanks Ash!

Looking HOT with her wigs too!
Nice falsies and sultry eyes..

She even did a tutorial on how she did the eye makeup. You can view it here ----->


I would like to thank all of you girls who participated in this tag..I did it just for fun and also because i wanna take my mind off things that i don't wanna remember.. (FYI i had an ectopic pregnancy end of January 2011)... I was quite depressed but this blog and all of you girls keep me sane.. Thank you so much girls!!! Even though we've never met, but all of you mean so much to me.. Ashley, Kak Syukur, Pepper and Fara...
Thanks for your lovely comments and support.. *teary eyes*..hahaha suddenly got emotional..


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