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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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Hollywood Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look - Featuring Beauty Guru #3

Hello everyone!
I would like to thank Pepper (Liyana) from Flecks makeup Blog for participating in my Hollywood Celebrity Inspired tag. I had so much fun looking at their version of inspired makeup look of the celebrity that they like.

Pepper did an 80's look, inspired by Cyndi Lauper (she's the original singer of Time After Time).

Her cover album - orange eyeshadow with dark wings

Nicely executed..Pepper looks so cute and 80s! love it!

Thanks Pepper for doing this look! I have never tried the 80s makeup and this is so inspiring...

As you know, i have won Pepper's giveaway a few weeks ago and i LOVE every single thing she sent me. Thank you so much Pepper.. I've been using the ELF eyeshadow primers and so far, my eyeshadow has never creased, and i think the colours are more vibrant. And i love the shawl she gave me. Took it everywhere with me. Thank you Pepper!

You can visit her blog here -----> FLECKS Makeup Blog . She does great reviews ad tutorials.. One of my favourite blogs that i view almost every day.. She even did DIY tutorials that i absolutely love!

Thanks girls!
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