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Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Sweet Valentine's Inspired Look - Love Is All Around...

Hello everyone!

Even though i don't celebrate Valentine's Day, i am inspired to do a sweet look suitable for occasions like weddings, dates, or a simple candlelight dinner.

Earlier tonight, i attended my friend's sister's wedding and i took the chance to wear this look.

I used some bronzer to contour my cheekbones and a bit on the jaw line. I'm not a fan of excessive shading..

The palette that is going to be featured this time is....

The Face Shop Lovely Pucca Eyeshadow in Purple from

The Face Shop Pucca Fun Make Up Range

It has a very nice shimmery sweet pink color and a plum purple color which is gorgeous!

Terrible swatches from an amateur... i suck at capturing swatches!!  T_T
Here's the simple eye makeup look. I just used the 2 colours from the palette.

Apply the pink on inner 2/3rd of your eyelids. Then place on the purple on the outer 1/3rd and blend the harsh lines. Apply pearl, shimmery or matte eyeshadow on your tear duct area and on your brow bone. It's the same ol' same ol' routine all over again. It's so simple all you need is a bit of imagination.

Then apply on some of that purple on the outer 1/2 on your lower lash line and some of that pink on the inner 1/2 of your lower lash line.

You can also add some dark brown on the crease (Imagine a C-shape on outer corner) if you want to intensify the colour. I just wanted to go with a more simple and subtle look.

I used brown gel eyeliner from Clinique because black can be too harsh for a sweet look.

Finish the eyes off with some Mascara. I used Volume Express from Maybelline.

 For my face, I used everything that i used in this post 7-minute makeup , it's just that i put on a bit more because the wedding took place in a garden (i anticipated a lot of sweating) and it was in the evening.

Just look how different i look with a bit of bronzer. I think i look more polished, my facial structure is more defined and i look more "complicated"..LOL. it's so easy to get this kinda look. I did this makeup under 10 minutes.

On the lips, i used Stage Lipstick in Pastel Posy and NYX lipgloss in Whipped.

Check out my sister's blog for her Valentine's Inspired Makeup Look...

Hubs just got his haircut. Now he's into the mohawk he looks different.. but u are still my No1.. <3

Till next time beauties.. Thanks for all your support and LOVE.. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by great people like all of you.

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