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Monday, February 28, 2011

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Hollywood Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look - Featuring Beauty Guru #2

Hello everyone..

I have tagged some of the beauty gurus that i know to do a tag on Hollywood Celebrity Inspired makeup in this post (click to view). So far, 2 bloggers have responded. Thank you for your participation. I'm having so much fun looking at other bloggers' take on different Hollywood Celebrity's makeup. Farra from Sugar, Spice and What Not did her take on Kim Kardashian makeup look (click to view).

The second look was inspired by Jeniffer Lopez, and Miss Syukur from Beauty Itch did a great job on achieving J.Lo's smokey eyes. I LOVE IT KAKAK! Thank you so much.. The look is wearable and great for functions or events..

Her favourite J.Lo's picture..

Let's look at what Kak Syukur from Beauty Itch came up with...

Gorgeous! I love how the eyes look brightened with the silver in the inner corner+lids and smokey with the black around the outer corner

I love the colour gradient and combo! Very basic but look sophisticated and clean with proper blending.

Kak Syukur said she was out of natural falsies when she did this look. But i still love it even without falsies...
I love falsies but i only wear them out on special occasions...

A gorgeous wife&mother to her hubby&beautiful children.. and she is a teacher too! wow!
Please visit her blog and have a look at her product reviews, FOTD and other beauty related stuff.. I LOVE HER! To me, her reviews are genuine and honest, and she has a great personality..Beauy Itch is definitely one of my favourite blogs!

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