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Friday, February 25, 2011

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Barbie Inspired Look-FOTD

Hello my lovely readers..

Ever since i was a child, Barbie has always been my idol... But my mom won't let me have more than 2 Barbies..My parents were still young when they had me and my sister, Farah (we are 1 year apart) and we were not financially stable yet at that point of time because both of them had just started working. We had enough to eat, buy clothes and all, but it's just that my mom didn't want us to pamper us on toys and spend on unnecessary things like dolls..
They got married at the age of 19 when they were in their 1st year, studying Engineering at Southern Illinois University.The reason why they got married at a young age was because my late grandma was so worried that her beloved daughter was studying abroad and there's nobody there to look after her.

Ok enough about my family history..hihi....

And here's for my Barbie obsession..

OOoopss..I forgot to put on pink blusher and lipstick

Ok i'm trying to look Kawaii  like those teenagers who love to pose like this O-o

Hahahaha! another typical Asian trying to look cute pose. but failed

Flying kisses to my lovely supporters.. LOVE
Oh Wow the falsies look too much on me..and i didn't glue them nicely because i wanted remove them to wear this look out..
Some bronze and brown in the crease to tone down the pink.

Do you want a tutorial on this look. If so, please inform me ok. I'm in a rush today. Going for a vacation with my girlfriends, sister Farah and Hubby tomorrow for our weekend getaway...

P/S : My lovely sister just made a post on a Classy, Sophisticated Red Lip Look.. Feel free to click the link given to view..

Have a great weekend!
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