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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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~Sold Out~Cute and Gorgeous Korean Lip Products For Sale

Hello everyone!

During my short visit to Korea recently, i managed to grab some of Korean brand makeups that i personally love. Most of the brands are not available in Malaysia except for some like Etude House, The Face Shop and a few others.

Let's have a look...

*SOLD OUT* Sold to Nina

Wonder Talk Lip Balm by Peripera

Aren't they the cutest lip balm ever??! ops i just realized they wrote 'lip barm' LOL

There's this magnet thing on top of it and i just knew that it is the applicator!  Super Kawaii!!!
I love the packaging!

This is how to use the applicator.

Wonder Cherry Pink- soft pinkish tint
Wonder Orange Red-soft red tint

Don't they look YUMMY??they smell YUMMY too...

Peripera Wonder Talk Lip Balm
Volume up ! Tint up! Moisture Up! Plumping
Lip shape with new unique design
Contains coenzymes Q10, Vitamins
Contain special formula (not sure what formula)

What i know is that it has a bit of plumping effect, a very nice tint and its a deep moisturizing lip balm.

Both of them have a nice fruity smell.. I only have 1 for each color left..

The price is RM35 each (including postage- only for Malaysians).

If you are interested, please leave me a comment below and don't forget to leave me your email to book your Wonder Talk Lip Balm.. The person who do the transaction first will get the product. But please please please ask me 1st whether the product is still available before you do any transactions. (First come first serve basis)

Thank you darlings..

P/S : To win a free Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier, click this link right here Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier..

~Thanks nina for buying both lip balms.

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