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Friday, January 07, 2011

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YAY! I won a giveaway!

I joined Ashley's giveaway last year (sounds too long already but it was just a few weeks ago) and i can't believe i actually won!!!! Here's the post where she announced the winner.Thanks Ashley..It's my first time to win any giveaways..and i am so honoured and still overwhelmed with the fact that Ashley actually picked out these items by herself (they are her personal favourites) and posted them to me. Her blog is called Fleur de Cendre. Check it out girls!

If any of you think that you have heard about Ashley before, she was in my previous post about A Love Package From A Special Friend.

To see what i got from Ashley, please click the read more button..

I was very delighted to see them ^_^

Ain't this colour cute?

Elianto Baked Eyeshadow in Champagne. I always love this olive-mold colour with gold shimmer but didn't get to buying it for some reason. Maybe i was fated to win this giveaway and Ashley is a real psychic she could see right thru me? hihi

Elianto Lip colour in Soft Pink. I've never tried Elianto's lip products before so i am looking forward to try this one.

A cute baby blue polka dot ribbon hair clip. It made me smile so BIG like this ^.______.^ with dimples some more!! Super KAWAII!!!

Face and Eye Masks. Gonna try them real soon and make a review on them. <3
And last but not least, a LOVE letter from my dear Ashley sayang.. Thanks a bunch Ash! You've been such a great friend .LOVE U XOXOXOXO
I also have those "tangan gatal" moments too Ash! and i always go to Elianto, Etude House or Watsons to cure the "disease", literally.... LOL

So girls, do your blogwalking and join all the giveaways u come across. I always thought that i was very bad at winning things but i guess nothing is impossible if u give it a shot. And you know what matters to me? It's not about winning. It is about taking all the chances life has got to offer u, have fun and make some friends along the way.

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