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Saturday, January 08, 2011

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New Year, New Header...

My little brother made me a new header ^_^ Yippieee! thankssss Shafeeq.. He is 19 and studying in Graphic Design. He also has his own blog Shawfiggles..

If any of you are interested in having your own blog header, made with your own ideas, style and creativity, you can contact him at The price depends on the complexity of the design, but for a simple one it costs onlyRM10!! Such a great deal right?

I chose 1 of my wedding picture and 2 from my engagement day for my header and asked him to do a simple design for me. He came up with that after working on it for about 1 hour.. You can opt for cute designs, or artsy ones as well. Just give him a rough idea on how you would want your header to look like and he will try to make it as fun and as pretty as possible!

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