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Friday, January 14, 2011

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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Tutorial and FOTD

Hello everyone!

How many makeup brushes do u have?? And how often do u clean them?

I spot clean my brushes 3x a week (which is not that often), and deep clean them once a week. No that's not true. I don't have that much time. I try to thoroughly deep clean all my brushes once in every 2weeks.

But one thing for sure, i will clean them before i do any makeup service on any of my customers because if i were a customer, i wouldn't want to share or transmit all the bacterias from and to other customers. Personal hygiene is really important to me. It's like the "OCD"ness in me.. Like i will never eat anything from the fridge that are not covered@properly sealed because i feel like bacterias, fungus or spores are flying freely inside the fridge  ToT. My hubby knows that. And i don't like to share my drinking water bottle (which i refill everyday and it is BPA free) or keep mineral water bottles for more than 2 days. You know when people drink your water and their mouths are touching the opening and they got their saliva all over it, then keep it for 2 days and there will be this smell that freaks me out and i hate it.

Ok back to our brushes. These are the economical ways to clean your brushes.

1) Spot cleaning

Try to spot clean your brushes everyday (or every 2 days if you are like me) to prevent makeup and bacteria buildups. The more makeup buildup you have on your brush, the more bacteria it holds. And in that case, your brushes are the ones to blame if you keep on developing acne, eye infection, etc. Remember, the more you take a good care of your brushes, the longer they'll last.

Examples of brush cleansers:
MAC brush cleanser from
Japonesque Professional Brush Cleaner from

What i use is:

Image of Elianto brush cleanser
Elianto Brush Cleanser

Click to read more....

RM18 for 255ml. Very cheap compared to MAC's

image of elianto brush cleanser and MAC 182 kabuki brush
Elianto Brush Cleanser
All you need is a brush cleanser, and a paper towel. You can use a small cup, pour some of the brush cleanser into the cup and then dip the tip of your brushes into the cleanser. I was lazy so i just poured some of the cleanser straight onto the paper towel, or pour it straight onto the tip of the brushes.

Then, take a paper towel, swirl and do circles, go back and forth until you see no more product residue on your paper towel. Repeat the step if your brush is heavily stained and dirty.

After all your brushes are clean, reshape them with your fingers and lay them down flat on a paper towel. Do not put them upside down (refer picture below) because the chemicals or water can sip through into the handles and damage the glue that's holding the hairs of your brushes. You don't want them to be bold, do you?

Dirty Kabuki Brush

Dirty paper towel. Gross!<_>



 The good thing about this cleanser is, you don't have to wait that long for your brushes to dry, and therefore, do it often! This is also a reminder to myself T_T.

2) Deep cleansing

Ok this one takes longer but give this a thought. If you can invest your money into high quality brushes, why can't you invest some of your time to deep clean them? Even your dogs or cats need a bath every now and them. And you use these brushes on your FACE, not on your feet. Love your brushes and they'll love you back.

I usually do it on weekends.. Sorry i don't have the pictures here today. I'll just explain how i do it.

i) Olive oil
Pour a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel. Repeat the same process like we do in spot cleaning. Give your brushes a good swirl, make them dance in circles until you see no residue on the paper towel.
Told you that olive oil is soooo VERSATILE! That's why i LOVE it! u can use it for everything! Olive oil can break up the oil  particles and grease and also condition the hairs of the brushes. For other beauty benefits of olive oil, click here----> Beauty Secret

ii) Baby shampoo
Take a clean soft sponge (the type that you use to wash dishes. Not the same one!a new one of course), damp it with water, pour a bit of baby shampoo on the sponge, and lather it with your fingers. Then take your brush and swirl it again onto the sponge and baby shampoo. Do it until you feel like there's no more olive oil residue on your brush.

Run some water through your brushes. Remember not to let the water to go above the metal handles!
Pat them with paper towels. Reshape them with your fingers and lay them flat on a clean, dry towel. You have to wait for a few hours for them to completely dry. I always switch on the fan to help them dry quicker..hihihi
Never thought i could reach 100 followers. i can't express how happy i am! You guys really rock my world! Thank you for your endless support. <3

It's a cloudy day today. I just put on a simple makeup. Just BB cream, eyeliner, blusher, a neutral eyeshadow, liptint, and mascara.

So that's all for today..
Good luck with the tutorial..i hope you had fun.. i know i had..

Till then beauties...

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