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Saturday, January 08, 2011

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My Love Story... and a Happily Ever After ending..(Picture Heavy..really really heavy)

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!!

 Goodbye 2010. Thanks for the great journey. All the smiles, tears, hiccups, falls, success, pain, laughter and happy moments are so precious to me.

In 2010, I....

Got engaged..Got married..Went to Disneyland.. Honeymoon in Hong Kong..Passed my 4th year medical exams..Honeymoon in Avillion PD..went to 2 of my best friends engagement ceremony..Threw hubby his 1st birthday surprise ever in his life..Celebrated my 1st Raya with hubby and his family..Watched the ALL BLACKS against the Wallabies rugby game LIVE!.. and the list goes on and on and on..

Here's some pictures from parts of memorable, greatest moments of my life..

The Engagement
Feb 2010
My E-day

Lil' sister

The Wedding..
1st May 2010

 Click for more pictures....

He knows how to make me laugh :D

The man of my dreams


I love you unconditionally sayang..

The dress was designed and made by my favourite young and talented designer, Oscar.. He offers beautiful and gorgeous wedding gowns and traditional wedding attires, fully designed and created by him at affordable prices. You can contact him at +60193378136.. LOVE YOU OSCAR!

Avillion PD
June 2010

A romantic getaway...

The entrance

Our 1st honeymoon

Avi Spa..

muka tak mandi...

1st Raya together..
Sept 2010

Hong Kong
Oct 2010
One of the best experiences in my life!
I'm a Minnie


The Golden Mickey Show

My dream came true....

The Golden Mickey Show

The hotel
HK night view-  Avenue of Stars, Kowloon
View from MTR central
Madame Tussauds.. and of course i had pics with Johnny Depp and Brad..can't find them at the moment T_T

The Peak

The peak..HK beautiful view

Home sweet home...
Till the end of time.....

With you right here, I'm a rocketeer.......

My wish is to grow old together and live happily ever after with you hubby, ever forever and ever...Amin..

Looking forward to our Korea honeymoon Feb2011.. Let's flyyyy..

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