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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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DIY : Create your own lip palette

Hello darlings..

I really feel like this is the best decision i've ever made (makeup related) !

I was inspired to do a DIY project and decided to make my own lip palette. I have a bunch of lipsticks that were sadly abandoned and scattered all over the place. It was really hard for me to notice and use all of them.

These are some of the reasons why i decided to do this:

a) because they are too bulky and as a makeup artist i can't be traveling with all of them
b) it's too tedious to keep opening and closing the cap to decide which colour to choose
c) i love to organize all of my makeup so that it's more practical and convenient for me to put a good use to each and every one of them
d) i'm a little anal with organizing all my stuff especially my makeups
e) really easy to travel with

So this is how they look like...

Let's move on to the process..

What you'll need:

1) Candle + lighter
2) Metal spoon
3) Tissue paper
4) Pill organizer
5) A knife or spatula (not in the picture)

I bought the pill organizer from Daiso for RM5! How cheap right? There are 28 small boxes that can be dissembled and come out in 4s.

A point to remember! *** get a pill organizer that closes tightly so that your lipsticks won't get contaminated or exposed.

1) Time to kill
 I know some of you would probably be screaming right after u see this picture. Sorry, but I didn't feel a thing. Hahaha! Maybe because there's still the "doctor" in me, telling me that what i'm doing is what's best for the patient (obese lipstick). So don't be afraid to CUT!

A disturbing image for some people with weak hearts

My MAC Angel lipstick scraped till the very BOTTOM. And YES! there is more product in the bottom!
If you get lucky, you can get all of it without the need to scrape. It depends on the texture of your lipstick. The harder it is, the easier for it to come out as a whole. You can see how much lipstick is there under the line (when we usually stop using)

2) Heat it up, Girl!

 Heat the metal spoon with the lipstick on top until it's totally melted.

3) Pour your heart out

Ok la i smudged it a bit. Clean all the smudges if you are anal (like me)

Clean the spoon and REPEAT the process. Wait until they cool off and harden. Then u can start LABELING.

I can promise u that the texture, colour and smell are still the SAME after depotting. This process won't affect the quality of your lipsticks. I've tried mine and they are as pigmented as they were inside their old case. Nothing will change accept for your life which will be more wonderful and colourful with this convenient and practical lip pallette.

I hope this helps!

If you like this kind of DIY tutorial and want me to do more of this, you can leave me a comment below.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends!


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