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Friday, August 12, 2011

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Makeup Class by The Secret Dreamworld (pic heavy)

My sister and i went crazaaayyy when we stumbled upon The Secret Dreamworld makeup blog a few months ago because we really love her makeup skills and techniques.

I went crazier when i found out that she was going to organize a makeup workshop. We contacted her straight away and we were lucky as there were only 2 more seats left.

Let me tell you this, the class was so fun and educating, and it's worth every single penny that we paid for. She knows what she's doing and believe it or not, she is a self-taught makeup artist and it makes her different than other makeup artists out there..

Her makeup look is natural but really stand out, pretty and enhances your natural beauty. She uses MAC (like 90% of her makeup is all MAC!), Chanel, Bobbi Brown, and a little mixture of Urban Decay, Sleek and you name it.

Thank you Kak Anna for sharing your experience, expertise and knowledge with all of us..

P/S: She gave birth to a healthy baby boy recently..congratulations Mummyy!! we love u!!!

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