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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Golden Smokey Arabian Look featuring my BFF, Saeidah

Today i made some dinner for Hubby, Farra, my BFF and her BF..
I cooked Pasta with Mushroom Cream Sauce, apple crumble for dessert, and my BFF made my all time favourite fruit and jelly cocktail!

So while we were waiting for the rest to get home, me and my BFF played with some makeup... just to kill the time before i put in some shrimps into my cream sauce...i want my shrimps to be "sweet and tender" ..hehehe..

She requested for an Arabic look that's great for dinners or night functions, because as you all might know, smokey look and dark colours are not that appropriate for daytime wear...

Au naturel~
and After the makeover...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forest Nymph-Inspired Look featuring Farra

I have been thinking long and hard about a new look to share with y'all lately and after some time, I decided that I would like to use a colour that people usually shy away from. Yes, in the spirit of mother earth and all things with chlorophyll, I am celebrating the nature by using GREEN and YELLOW in my entry. Semangat negeri Kedah la pulak yee... Wait! Don't be scared.. Let me share with you why I chose this colour.

Green is believed to have some relaxing effect on the eye as it reminds us of all things natural and earthy, like the endless green hills or a field of grassy meadows. Green is actually the color of peace and so I decided that I want to share with my beloved followers how to do a makeup look with an adventurous colour like green. If done correctly, this look is beautiful and may look high-fashion and editorial too. The secret is in the mixing of colours and choosing the right shade of tone.

Before nature manifests...

To see the After photos, please click the "read more" button...

Monday, October 18, 2010

~Makeover for Jasmine~

Jasmine is my childhood friend and i can't remember exactly how long have we known each other. We were in the same primary school (SRK St. Nicholas Convent Alor Star) and believe it or not, we have 105 friends in common on Facebook!

She contacted me last week and was asking me if i can do a makeover for her because it's her friend's wedding on Saturday and she was going to be the maid of honor, plus she doesn't have enough makeup and experience to put the makeup on herself. And of course she wants to look her best because a bridesmaid will be in the limelight as well, together with the bride and groom.

She requested for a natural makeup, nothing too fancy.

Lets check out the before and after photos...


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free Facial worth RM229!

I saw an advertisement just above my blog banner today, so i clicked to find out. Skin 11 is offering free facial worth RM229 for free!! All you have to do is go to (click here) and fill the form! This offer is limited to 100 pax only!!

After filling the form, all you have to do is check your email and jot down on paper @ save the reference code on your mobile, and wait for their consultant to give you a buzz to set a date for your appointment! It's that SIMPLE!!

This is the copy of the email i got after signing up.

Free Skin11 Customized Treatment Application Submitted Successfully.
Skin 11

Dear Shazreeyana Shukri,
Thank you for your interest in Skin11
Your reference code is USJ141010-*****. (disclosed)
Our Consultant will call to schedule an appointment for the FREE Skin11 Customized Treatment within 3 working days.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Best Regards,

Terms & Conditions:
* Malaysian residing in Malaysia now.
* Must be above 21 years old.
* New customer only
* Appointment on weekdays only.

I am waiting eagerly for their call and looking forward to visiting their outlet in Taipan USJ! I hope this is not just some kind of a "tricky marketing technique" that almost all beauty salons are doing to lure costumers to actually buy their product by force in the end! *crossing fingers*..

Will update on the facial soon!
Much love,

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

~Femme Fatale Look - Featuring My Model, Farra~

Hi everyone!

My sister, Farra requested for Cheryl Cole, Parachute cover look and i came up with this inspired look. The alluring red lips reminds me of Dita Von Teese's signature red lips. A vintage, classy red lip look that is always timeless and elegant, paired with a really black, exaggerated winged, thick liner and soft natural eyeshadow colors.

This is my 1st time working with red lips, but there are a few tips that i can share on how to achieve a great red lips..

1) Conceal the natural line of your lips with a good concealer (to erase and create a more crisp lip line).
2) Apply some powder on top of your concealer to make the color lasts longer.
3) LINE you lips with a red lipliner to avoid "bleeding" . It makes your lips look well defined.
4) For a matte lipstick, you can always layer it with powder first, followed by lipliner, then lipstick, then dab your lips with a tissue paper and then apply the lipstick again to make the color lasts longer.
5) You can always add on a red lipgloss for a  more glossy effect..

To me, the best way to go for a red lip look is with Chanel red lipsticks...

Timeless beauty..

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