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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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~How To Achieve An Affordable, Natural, Daytime, Dewy Makeup Look~

Hi everyone!

Today's tutorial is going to be on dewy daytime look and the products i used for this makeup tutorial are very affordable and easy to find here in Malaysia. This tutorial is made specially for those who do not have loads of makeup, and want to start learning doing basic makeup. You can always skip the eyeshadow step if you don't have time to do it. Or u still can use one colour on your lids to make your face look more fresh with that little tint of colour.


You can totally wear this look to work, college, malls, or even on a date. This look is very natural without using too many colours on the eyes, simple to achieve without much hassle but yet very captivating and fresh...

Let's get started!

First, prep your face with toner and moisturizer after you've cleansed it. Then grab your foundation (any foundation of your choice), and put it in dots, on these areas of your face (refer picture). You can use any foundation that suit your skin tone, and have the texture that you like. For beginners, I would suggest Revlon ColorStay Makeup with Softflex SPF6 foundation because the coverage is really good, and they have big range of colours that you can choose from to match your skin tone. Loreal True Match Foundation is a great dupe too, since the texture is more "watery" or "runny" you might say, than the Revlon one which is a bit creamy. You can easily get your hands on these products at Watson's @ Guardian stores near you. They cost approximately between RM 45- RM 60.

1) Foundation

Please excuse my "bangun tido" face yeeeea..i bet most of u look like this too in the morning.hehe..

Today, i am using a foundation from Etude House called "Baby Skin Foundation". I still love my Clinique, Revlon, Makeup Forever etc but i just love how this foundation moisturize my skin (thus contribute to the dewy look) and i switch foundation every day depending on my mood or the look i want to achieve. The only thing about this foundation is, they only have it in 2 tones. Luckily this one suits my skin tone well.

I think i bought this foundation for only about RM20 or less because i went to Etude House when they were having sale. I still can't believe that a very cheap foundation can look quite good..

2)  Eye concealer

Please don't be afraid. This is not a tribal makeup tutorial.

U can skip this step if your foundation can cover your panda eyes.
Here i am using Maybelline Perfect Concealer in Light Beige. Always use a more orange/salmon/peach type of colour to cancel out the bluishness of your dark circles.

It gives you a more bright and awaken eyes.. not a hantu ya.
And again, Don't be scared. Yes it looks a bit light at the moment but don't worry, our powder is going to balance the colour of our whole face.

3) Setting your face with a powder

Since i am a fan of full coverage, not sheer coverage, i always use a compact/powder foundation to set my foundation instead of using just translucent powder.

Using a kabuki brush and MAC studio fix powder, gently blend the powder with the foundation in circular motions. Do not overdo this because we still want to achieve that DEWY LOOK.

Here is another option. For those of you who are looking for a good powder with a very affordable price, u can try MIYAMI powder foundation (can get it in Cosway). It is stinkin' cheap! i mean like really cheap, and it gives u a great coverage. How great is that??? The price is about RM20. The best thing about this powder is, professional makeup artists swear on this product and they  have been using this powder on their clients for years or even decades! They have it in Light, Medium and Dark. I personally prefer Dark, but my sister prefers Medium.

4) Eyebrows

Just fill your eyebrows with any eyeshadow that suits your hair colour. I use an angle brush for this.

I like to set my eyebrows with an eyebrow gel so that the hair looks more neat and not all over the place in crazy directions. Here i am using Dr. Mascara Fixer from Etude House. Any clear gel mascara will do. You can skip this step if you don't need to.

5)  Eye Primer And Eyeshadow

If u want to know which eye primer i'm using, u can refer here. You can always use a nude eye primer instead. I used this because i want to enhance the brown and bronze colour that i was going to use on my eyes.

My sister helped me with the eyeshadow because i was too lazy to put it on. Thanks adik!

At this stage, your face should look at least like this.

Here i'm using MAC Vanilla Pigment. Any shimmery pearl colour can do the trick. Place it on your tear duct area, and also under your brow bone. This trick opens up your eyes and makes your eyes look bigger and more awaken.
I also use this pigment on my cheek bones, a bit on the tip of my nose and some on my chin (remember to put in on high points on your face) to give my face a DEWY LOOK.

You can use brown, gold, bronze or taupe colour on your eyes to give it a natural look. Here my sister used some random natural colours that we had with us because i didn't bring my eyeshadow palette along. Remember to BLEND BLEND BLEND!!! or u will end up looking like you have been punched by your psycho boyfriend.

Add some darker colour on that crease line of yours to give your eyes more depth and definition.

6) Eyeliner And Mascara

Eyeliner- Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner ( i will do a special tutorial on how to draw your eyeliner)
Mascara- Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express

7) Blusher

For blusher, just SMILE and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, blending towards your temple/ parietal bone.

I'm using Elianto Rosey Cheeks Blusher that was recommended by my sister. It gives you that silky soft, healthy, rosey glow.

The reason why i used this blusher in this tutorial because it is cheap. Only RM 13. Very affordable rite??

8) Lips

Since i love my LIP ICE so much, i can't refuse to use it in this tutorial. I pretty much use it on daily basis and I can never travel without it. It helps to prevent cracked lips, condition your lips, keeping them smooth and gives a pinkish tint of colour that i like!

And there you have it!! An absolutely long makeup tutorial on how to achieve a dewy natural daytime look.

All the best.

<3 <3 <3

P/S : Thanks adik for being so kind to be my photographer for the day. LOVE YOU!


A A A said...

wow yang! kan best i leh makeup mcm u.. i ni keras xberseni lgsg nk conteng pape kat muka i ni.. adoiii... mcm mn ni...hurmm.. mcm nk u ada kat sblh i ja skang ni tgk u makeup..nak belajar ngn u yang!! uwaaaa

aLia said...

great yana!

A A A said...

kan best klu u ada kat sbelah i skang.. hurmm..boleh ajar i..uwaaaaa

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

nice one yana,bole try for raya!

nisa said...

yana..cantik! tapi macam susah je..and macam banyak gile step nak kena tak sempat je..
n banyak sgt barang nak beli which i dont know where to d.mascara eye fixer n etudo barnd..haih..
i wish i could do make up mcm u..

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Ainul : Nanti kalau u free boleh la i dtg ajar u makeup..hihiihi..senang je dear..kena slalu practice k.dont't give up tau yang..

alia : thanks alia... :)

yana : for raya maybe ada yang nak matchy2 ngn baju raya eyeshadow boleh tukar2 la ikut colour.nnt i buat tutorial utk eyeshadow saja pulak.sbb nak cramp semua x muat..hihi..thanks yana!

nisa : darling, thankssss! ok kalau yang ni susah n u x cukup masa, nanti i buat a more simple makeup tutorial for doctors, and org2 yang bz n x sempat. yang ni kalau u rajin sikit la kan..hihi..ada yg lg simple nnt i tunjuk camna k..u can do it too.nisa, u r already gorgeous without too much makeup..just tmbh2 sikit2 je cukup dah.xyah banyak2 coz u dah cantik..

btw, etude brand tu saja i pakai sbb masa tu ada sale n i tgk brg2 dia's a product form korea.semua brg2 dia affordable n fun!LOL..kalau xnak pakai yang tu pon xpe,u cari dupes ok darl..

Shahrum Sha said...

best la bca blog yana ni...K.sha jrg make-up, tp nnti leh la try cra yana ni...simple n easy to try.. ^_^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hellooo! i loike this!

Eisse J said...

Hi Yana, you look gorgeous in this look. (^^) Lov ur hair too, especially the second photo.

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

hello Eisse J..thanks :)
i think my hair is a bit too long already and im thinking of chopping it off..maybe a bit..


Anonymous said...

kak..buat la video cara2 make up..pllleeeaaasssee....

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

hi kak sha..thankssss..ok nanti yana buat yg lg simple utk org yang x sempat nak buat camni sgt...

Eisse J said...

G'morning Yana: realli? aww...but you look gorgeous with long hair...but maybe a little is okay =p

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