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Thursday, July 08, 2010

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Hair care tips~ for a healthy, shiny, smooth, manageable & split end-free hair!

Hello everyone!

People always ask me how to get a healthy, shiny and smooth hair like mine. Today i am going to share the secrets of my hair care routine. We all want to have great hair; but unfortunately, shiny, healthy hair doesn't just happen without a little bit of effort.

The only thing you need to do is put in the short amount of time necessary to follow this simple daily hair care routine. This is how my natural hair looks like without any blow drying, straightening or curling. Try to avoid heat as much as u can, but if u can't avoid it, don't forget to protect your locks whenever u want to heat-style it.


These are my secrets to healthy, shiny, manageable and split end-free hair...

Lets have a look at the SECRET TREASURES inside my magical treasure chest box ....

~ AdiiiiDUIIIdumbellaaaaaaa~ *chanting*

And the chest OPENS.... TADAAAA!!!!

P/S : For your information, I do not actually keep them inside this box. Just want to express how much these products mean to me, just like a buried treasure...they do MAGIC....hihihi (Dramatic).....    


Shampoo thoroughly, daily or every other day depending on hair's oiliness. As for me, i shampoo every other day or whenever my hair feels gross, especially on rainy days...

Use adequate amount of product depending on your hair length. Because my hair is pretty long, i usually use  about the size of a 50 cent coin ( Malaysian coin) .. or maybe more if my hair is extra greasy! 
I seriously hate that feeling!!

But remember to shampoo in small, circular movements; don't forget to target dirt collecting areas such as the nape of your neck. Massage your scalp to improve blood circulation to your roots.

This is essential, u guys! Rinse your hair thoroughly until the water becomes clear and the shampoo has been completely washed away. Any residue left on your scalp will cause DANDRUFF! Ewwww GROSS!

This is the shampoo that i use most of the time..

~ Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo...I just love their great scents! I know i am going to have a really long term relationship with this one~

I might change my shampoo, conditioner or leave-in spray conditioner whenever i feel like my hair needs that little extra UMMPH!...

~ Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hairtherapy Q10 Time Restore Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Spray Conditioner~


~ Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hairtherapy Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner~
(sorry i can't remember their prices)..

IMPORTANT FACT : I spray the leave-in spray conditioner more towards the ends of my hair because my hair tends to become limp and get greasy much sooner if i sprayed it too near to the roots...

~ Loving the smell~

2) Hair Recovery Treatment

~ Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Hair Recovery Treatment~

I swear by this product. Can't imagine life without it.. Maybe i will continuously spin and faint and spin and faint over and over again just like this :
I use this product EVERY TIME after washing my hair without a miss. It makes my hair feels so smooth and silky, but the best part is, my hair is now free from tangles and frizz!!!! Bye2 frizzy, crazy, unruly hair!!! 

This product is really AWESOME!!! I put a generous amount of it on the lower part of my hair, focusing more on the ends. It really helps to prevent split ends.

3) Hair Mask

~L'oreal Serie Nature Masque Richesse Nourishing Masque for Dry Hair~

Product Description

Formulated for people with dry or damaged hair, this rinse out masque will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny without weighing it down. Masque Richesse has a soft, pleasant smell that is free 100 % Natural and free of synthetic fragrances.
Infused with tomato lycopene, L'oreal Serie Nature Source Richesse Masque has powerful antioxidant properties that help to protect your hair from environmental damage. By shielding your hair fiber from free radical damage, surfactant free masque will help to protect your hair from the day to day damage caused by harsh environments and excess styling.
As part of Serie Nature's commitment to environmental responsibility, Serie Nature Richesse Masque is packaged in 100% recyclable plastic and is free of sulfates, parabens and silicone.

Directions: After shampooing apply to damp or towel-dried hair. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Do i need to say more??

I use this product twice a month since i don't have the time to visit my dearest hairdresser, Ricky, for this kind of thing. 

And why on earth do u want to spend more when u have all the access to these great products or when u can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home??? I just don't understand how some people can actually spend RM 2000 at some high-end saloons for their hair (bukan cantik sangat pon)! It sounds so ridiculous to me..

4)  How to prevent split ends?

I use hair serum on wet or dry hair to prevent split ends. Serum can also help to tame your frizz. 

Sorry to tell u this, but if you do have split ends, you have to know that they cannot be fixed or mended; they can only be cut off. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to remove damaged ends.

And as for me, I only trim my hair every 4-6 months. I've been practising the hair care routine religiously and i do not need to trim that often. THANKS to these three!!

 ~ Loreal Professional Lumi-Oil Smoothing Oil Essence Number 2~
 ~ John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Satin Shine~
Got this from my sister, Farah. Thanks adik!!!

~Bed Head Tigi After-Party Smoothing Cream for Silky, Shiny, Healthy Looking Hair!~

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : You don't have to go to a party as an excuse to use this!!!

And last but not least...

~ My Brother Shafeeq @ Pispus~

 ~ That's how much he loves my hair! LOL~

 ~ With my beautiful "kacang hantu" sister, Farra~

~ Love u to bits, atir (adik)~

FACT : I did not use any hair styling tools in any of these pictures.

A special message : I would like to thank Fathin Solhi, for this lovely pre-wedding gift.. She actually gave us this lovely frame with our picture inside (she printed it beforehand) as a present. This is our fav pic Tin! And the frame looks like a ring with a big diamond on it..
Isn't she lovely?!!

Till then...




hafizarshad said...

i think u should make an eBook about this and make money from that....1 ebook jual RM10 sudah....kompom....terbaik post ni....klu nak bantuan bgtau..siyes ni...=)

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

eBook??what's that? xpernah dengar pon???

thanks for ur opinion! :)

Dr.oFBeauty said...

eBook means electronic book..tak payah pakai dakwat pen dan membazir kertas....try la...since u have a good personality and good in writing...why not u go for it...camne??

suara said...

OMG, I love this post!! Cute sgt emoticons tu nari2 hehehe Simplenya ur tips ni n ur writing is soooooo GOOD, short and sweet ja! Mmg pro tau <3 leh buat talkshow dah kalau camni heheh takde la berjela2 kan ur post, an informatively fun post :D
fyi, i thot akak blow ur hair like everyday tau cuz ur hair behave sangat :D Love your hair, weee~
kak yana, thanks sbb include pic tuuuu I love it! ure so sweet! <3 cantik sgt background hihi and I love ur pics yg memodelkan rambut tu and pics kak fara n apitpus yg comei2. raya last year rite?? ehehee
Nice post, keep it up kay dearsis! XOXO

Nurul Yusuf said...

i knew it ppl gonna offer u something. another opinion, next time u buat entry khas utk brand yg u suka. e.g: u love M.A.C. buat satu entry psl brand tu je. There's one blogger buat entry psl laptop Toshiba, Toshiba sponsor laptop yg dia nk tu tau. cuz jd duta kecik diorg.

now my Q&A with u
Q: i dh ter rebonding my hair. about 2 years back.. yes, my hair still straight until today. tp kan, i dh bosan. nk rambut lama blk. dia xnk dh tumbuh rambut mcm dulu. shud i cut my hair short or how?

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

DrOfHealth: hi there! thanks for the explanation..never heard bout it before..that sounds interesting. tapi i tak reti la nak buat tu..and actually the reason i buat this blog pon sebab nak share my knowledge yang xbrapa banyak tu with everyone yang dok tanya..i'll think about it.thanks dear!

Fathin : Thanks tin!!hihihi..saja tgk apit guna emoticons yg cute tu..rasa nak try pulak..i think they are soo cute!depa mcm represent akak la nari2, tebakaq rambut tu suma..xkan nak demo btoi2 plak kan..hahahah!

i am glad u liked this post.nak elaborate panjang2 pon penat tunjuk ja apa yang kak yana pakai, then sapa2 ada nak tanya, boleh la leave their comments here..i hope this post boleh membantu sesiapa yg ada masalah nak jaga rambut depa..sebab since kak yana buat semua ni, rambut kak yana x penah ada problem..split ends pon lepas trim 6 bulan baru ada great is that!!?

and yes, kak yana xguna straightener, curling iron mmg rambut natural yang x dibuat apa2 termasuk la perming or rebonding. kak yana ada hair dryer, tapi guna just bila baru cuci rambut n then kena kalut2 keluaq.tu pon guna medium sebelum tu kena apply heat protector/ thermal protection dulu..
aahh tu gambar raya last year.saja la bubuh sebab lama x tengok..dok teringat nak raya ja nih..hahha..posa x lagi..
thanks again for the present tin!akak n abg suka sangat!!!take care lil sis!!!and have fun kat kolej ya...
<3 <3 <3

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Nurul : hi dear!thanks for reading this post..yeaa thats a really great idea..i memang nak focus utk 1-1 product..tapi buat permulaan ni, i just bg overview apa yang i pakai semua dulu..then kalau i ada jumpa products that i love, i akan buat review satu2 lepas ni...

Q&A :

Q: i dh ter rebonding my hair. about 2 years back.. yes, my hair still straight until today. tp kan, i dh bosan. nk rambut lama blk. dia xnk dh tumbuh rambut mcm dulu. shud i cut my hair short or how?

A: may i know ur hair type? i mean before u buat rebonding tu, rambut u jenis macam mana?wavy, curly or frizzy ka macam mana?n then is ur hair super dry or oily?

ok i x faham macamana rambut dulu x mau tumbuh?u mean macam before this u got wavy/curly hair.but after u did the rebonding, ur hair remained straight till today?yang kat atas2 yang tumbuh tu, xjadi mcam dulu balik ka??yang i tau, kalau u rebonding, pastu rambut dah tumbuh, yang baru tumbuh tu akan jadi mcm rambut asal balik..then kalau macam tu, u boleh la trim bawah2 yg still ada rebonding tu..

i think, why dont u try to trim it frequently, every2-3 months, and see if ur original hair comes back. but if u really wanna change ur hairstyle, u can always cut it short. but how short u want it to be really depends on ur preference and the shape of ur face..

Anonymous said...

bleh tak bagi tips kurus..tq

Nurul Yusuf said...

thanks beautiful..

ok, my hair type.. oily dkt scalp. so i hv to wash my hair every single day. tp x jd masalah pun la nk cuci rambut tiap2 hr.

my hair straight kt atas, wavy kt bwh. but the thing is, yg rebonding still lg ada kt bwh. so, wavy hair tu xnk jd blk mcm dulu cuz i jarang trim my hair. i dun have split ends prob, tu sbb jarang potong rambut. plus, rambut2 baru yg tumbuh tu x bg masalah, konon2 i mmg baru buat rebonding spjg masa. bajet ayu la berambut panjang.. lol

so nw i rasa.. kena la potong rambut.. buang yg rebonding kt bwh tu, kan?

Anyways, thanks for your time.
All the best in ur final :)

This is me & my boring hair *sigh*

BloodVanille said...

Ayang! ahaha. best sangat post u ni! Lawak n very informative. emoticon u tu lawak sgt! suka la. u patut guna tau dalam entry baru u nanti. hihi love u sangat yg!! mwahs !

syakila mothar said...

Ayanggggg omeiiii nyaaaa blog u. Sangat informative and i loike kuasa infinity la camni. Heheh. I guna serum kerastase and loreal tu pun syiok. Herbal essences tu tak penah try lagi. Nanti nak try la!! Miss you ayang!! Muahh~ xoxo

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Anonymous : nony, u nak tips kurus?ok lah nanti i tulis pasal tu pulak na..

nurul : i think ur hair looks great! cantik ja panjang mengurai tu..walaupon luruss tp cantik paa...maybe lama2 u boring kan.mcm i pon i slalu boring ngn rambut i.bila i nak straighten my friends biaq ja lah mcm ni...

yaa i think maybe ur hair sama kot macam i.rambut i lurus kat atas n wavy kat bila u rebonding, the weight kinda pulls it down, making it straight. i rasa kalau u nak rambut asal u balik, maybe u'll have to chop off the lower part of ur hair, yang u buat rebonding tu dulu..

if u xnak drastic sangat,u can just trim the ends of ur hair, little by little, till ur original hair mai balik..

my pleasure dear..thanks tau!tu lah i pon dok pening ngn exam ni..but i had a great time writing in this blog..hilang la stress sikit..

ok u take care gorgeous!
<3 <3 <3

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Apit : yangg..haha u pon baca ka blog rambut nii.hahahah..ok so u dah reti ka jaga rambut u biaq lembut bersinar? u ayang.tq bg i emoticons yg comel tuuu!!
<3 uuu!

syak : Ayangggg!!hahaha u pon baca jugak ka?tq ayang for liking it.i bukan reti sangat pon.i letak ja mana yg i guna..u pon boleh bg tip2 rambut u gak ..i suka sangat laaa rambut uu lawaaaa ikal mayang mengurai..ohh u pakai kerastase ka?baguih dak?i dengaq product depa baguih..ngn redken..nanti nak pi try pulak la..i pakai shampoo murah2 ja senang nak cari kat watson @ guardian.sbb shampoo nak pakai selalu kan.tapi clairol herbal essences ni memang wangi yg amat i suka sebab bau dia lekat lama kat rambut. n dia x bg rambut kita kering..mcm head n shoulders, sunsilk suma tu pon baguih jugak for drug store brands, tapi bau depa x lekat lama n x la sewangi clairol ni...hihhhihi...tq ayangggg!! Miss u too!!!xoxo

Anonymous said...

saya peminat setia blog u hehehe btw i nk tanya kt mana u beli John Frieda Brilliant Brunette tu?? xsilap tu product dr US kn?? kt mana nk dpt kt m'sia ni?...coz sy ni ade mslh rambut mengembang mcm org gila a.k.a meroyan..:))

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Hi nony..tq tq sbb rajin baca blog i yg xseberapa ni..
oh john frieda tu adik i beli masa dia kat US tu.i suka sangat sbb bau dia mcm caremel.kat sini i tak tau nak dapat dari mana..tapi kalau u ada masalah rambut kembang setaman, u boleh la try serum2 yang ada kat msia ni..mcm i, i suka loreal lumi-oil number 2 tu.mmg rasa lembut sgt rambut n boleh hilangkan frizz..kalo tak pon, loreal elseve serum yg botol kaler kuning tu pon ok..kat watson banyak serum2 tu.nnt u p tgk2.tapi kalo u nak beli murah, u pi sg. wang.kat sana ada banyak kedai2 yg jual product salon yg 1 get 1 lg berbaloi lah..
pastu kalau rambut u meroyan lagi, u pakai sunsilk damaged hair treatment mcm dalam gambar kat atas tu..pakai setiap kali lepas shampoo.insyallah rambut u akan rasa sangat lembut, xdak kusut2 lagi kat bawah or rosak2 di hujung..yg tu boleh dapat kat watson jugak..dalam rm14 kot.kalao ada offer, leh turun harga sampai tu kalau kita nasib baik la..
selamat mencuba...
xyah pakai minyak kelapa pulak nooo..hehehehe

syafinaz said...

yana .. ampa kata ampa xpenah pakai curling iron ? kami wonder la cena rambut ampa leh jadi wavy2 mcm tuh ? kami suka . kami tension nk maintain wavy dok kena pakai curling iron ..pastu sbb pakai iron tuh la ni kami byk sgt masalah split ends . tak larat nk trim la .. i want long hair + a bit wavy .. tak suka straight hair . boring sgt .. tapi kalau dok kena trim slalu sbb split ends susah gakla kan nk realisasi impian rambut panjang mengurai tuh :((

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

pinat: kami mmg xdak curling iron pon.rambut kami mmg naturally mcm ni.kami mmg xsuka pakai tools kat rambut kami..takut rosak.n kami rasa xpayah pakai pon xpa.kdg2 bila rambut basah n urgent nak keluaq sgt baru kami blow dry.tu pon xpanas n xkering sepenuhnya la.kami biaq 80%dry ja.
kalau ampa slalu pakai curling iron, ampa kena pakai heat protector b4 ampa nak curl rambut tu.spray kat hujung2rambut.or mana2 yg ampa nak iron tu.kalo x memang la akan rosak.ampa pi kat kedai2 yg jual brg2 saloon tu cari la heat protector tu k..

mmg salu kena trim kalau pakai benda2 tu.sbb tu kami xpakai sgt.sbb kami nak simpan rambut panjang,.n pastu kami xsuka rambut jd kalau nampak dah start ada split ends sikit2 kami akan trus pi trim.sbb kalau biaq nnt dia lg extensive.ampa nak rambut wavy ka?kami rasa by curling or perming, the damage is still the same.cuma klo ampa perm tu ampa xyah la dok kena maintain hari2.tu yg kami pikiaq la kan..hihihih

syafinaz said...

yaka ampa . oo rambut ampa mmg naturally centu dah ka .. ingat ampa perm . patut x penah tgk rambut apa straight . hihi . yala kami syg oo rambut kami dok split ends byk .. tapi slalunya yg split ends tu part yg rambut dye la . yg rambut bawah2 tak kena dye tu payah nk split . sbb chemical kot kan . dia fragile skit dr original hair . susahnya nk jaga . nk potong syg . kami nk rambut panjang jugak raya ni . hehe . tq nah ampa for the tips nanti kami p cari heat protector tu . kami besa tgk yg tresemme punya . okay kah yg tu ?

Anonymous said...

tq...i hope u bleh bagi tips...sgt kagum dgn perubahan u..

Nurul Yusuf` said...

Yana cantik,

I'm chopping my hair off. mana u prefer Derrick & Team or A Cut Above? I tgh freak out ni.. hehe.. dh lama x rambut pendek tp takdela nk potong pendek sgt. nk buang yg rebonding ni. half jugak la..

Nixie said...

Bahahahah!! Kakak Shaz ni tgk Child's Play rupenyer...kantoi! hahahah!! Kenal sgt chant tu..hehehe.. anyway, another tip is to try yogurt, original ones, letak kat hujung for a few mints and rinse off ^^

Lily said...

Wow nice info. Anyway rambut kita I pun dah rosak, kasar dan jadi kerinting yang rosak. Serious I tak tahu nak buat macamana. Lagipun rambut sekarang ni dah panjang, rasa sayang nak potong. I nak minta pendapat sis macamana ya nak start treat rambut I ni.

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