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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Tips on motherhood

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since i last posted anything on my blog. I've been a busy mommy and now a student. I've joined University Malaya to finish off my final year and get my degree in MBBS.
A lot of my friends are either expecting or have had their babies. Motherhood is such a beautiful journey, don't u think? I would like to share my own experience about the preparation and where i bought my baby stuffs since a lot of my friends always ask me these questions. So let's get started..

1) Do i really need to buy a baby cot/crib?
I bought quite a big baby cot so that it still can be used until the age of 4-5 years.. i thought having a baby cot is a must but if u are planning to fully breastfeed, it could be a pain for u to get up every 1-2 hours to take the baby out,feed her and put her back in, discreetly. I did that during the 1st 2 months and let me tell ya my back was hurting so bad and i developed a condition called De Quervain's tendonitis where the synovial sheaths on both of my wrists are inflammed and the pain was indescribable.

So after having such a condition i had to come up with a plan since my wrists are pretty much in a bad shape. My baby sleeps in the middle of me n hubs,on her own matress,bolsters and a flat latex pillow which has big holes on it so that the baby won't suffocate. But there's an issue here. Will it be safe since there's 2 gigantic parents sleeping together with a small little baby on the same bed? As for me it really depends on u. I am a light sleeper and even the slightest sound can wake me up. And it is the opposite with my hubs. When he's in dreamland that means bye bye until i shake him up. LOL love u abg! We try to sleep very quietly and sopan-ly so that we won't mash or suffocate our baby.

Some of the people i know sleep separately. The mommy sleeps with the baby and the dad sleeps alone. This method may be better if your partner sleeps ' dangerously' haha!

I think it's better for u to wait and see until the baby comes, and then decide on whether u need a cot.

2) What other baby essentials do i need to prepare before the baby comes?

a) bath tub, hooded towels, toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotion, cream, minyak angin)

b) baby nail clippers - very important because their nails grow so fast and they like to scratch their faces

c) changing table - i find this useful for cleaning, dressing and undressing the baby so that your back won't hurt. I bought mine together with the cot at Babies Kingdom.

d) breastpump - mine is medela freestyle and medela harmony both bought from Emums dad shop at

e) bottles - even a breastfeeding mom will need bottles to store their milk in case of emergency. To feed the baby I have medela, NUK and Avent(that i don't use much because it won't fit into my medela breastpumps). For storage purposes i use bumble bee, amazing mom and Autumz storage bottles. Got most of them from

f) cooler bag and ice packs - if u plan to breastfeed and it makes travelling with milk easier. All bought from

g) detergent for baby - i use Autumz laundry detergent and Pureen ABD for baby's clothes. Pureen HAD and Rocking Green Detergent for cloth diapers

h) diapers - i use cloth diapers. If any of u are interested to know more about my cloth diaper routine please let me know in the comment box below. I will make a different post about it

i) stroller and car seat -  a car seat is a must for safety reasons

That's about all that i can think of at the moment. I will add more if i have missed anything else.
If any of u new mommies have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know in the comment box below. I would be glad to help. I know motherhood can be a little scary, intimidating and overwhelming to some of us but with proper guidance  there shouldn't be any problems.
Till next time,
Mommy Yana

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