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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing our new little bundle of joy..

Hey everyone!

I missed u guys! I know i have been missing for months now..I am happy to announce that i gave birth to a healthy baby girl on March 15th 2012!

Big momma in labour pain hihi

And finally....

Introducing.. RANIA ZARA BT SHAHAIRUL AMIR, weight 2.98 kg , born at 03.30 am..
Weeeee i'm OUT!
Welcome to the world, sayang..

Our Chubby Bunny is 3+ months old now. Oh how time flies..My little princess is getting bigger and bigger day by day..
She is now 6.6 kg!

Latest pic of me..Breakfast with my lovely girlfriends last weekend..

I am proud to say that my baby is fully breastfed (coz' everybody knows that mommy's milk is THE BEST) and she wears cloth diapers (more eco friendly)..

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Till then,

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